From August 30 until September 2 2004, the Republican Party will be holding their annual convention in New York City. Dozens of groups are already organizing protests, although the city seems to be doing its best to minimize democratic expression through denying protest permits:

“… Civil libertarians note that more than 20 groups have applied for march and rally permits, and the city has not approved one. The New York Civil Liberties Union filed more than 300 complaints against the city for its treatment of demonstrators at a march just before the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Since then, police have several times denied requests for high-visibility rallies.

“Sure we are in a different world since September 11th, but that doesn’t mean our nation has given up its core values,” said Donna Lieberman, the NYCLU’s executive director. “When you invite the Republicans to town for their convention, you are inviting all of those who oppose them, and we need to welcome both. … “

> Washington Post: “Protesters Wait for GOP Convention Invite”
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Here’s a sampling of activist organizations planning protests:
> RNC Watch
> United for Peace and Justice

Author: Rob