It seems as if all the activism of the Michigan Student Assembly and Student Voices in Action about Trotter House has been at least somewhat effective; I think this should be counted as a definitive step in the right direction:

“Date: Wednesday, April 14, 2004 3:31 PM -0400
Subject: Trotter House and Student Advisory Committee

Dear [Names omited],

I’m writing to update you on some of the planning that is underway regarding Trotter House and the formation of a student advisory committee.

Patricia Aqui Pacania, director of Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs, has been asked to chair a planning group for the future of Trotter House that is made up primarily of students. Patricia will soon be sending out communications via e-mail and in the Michigan Daily to invite nominations to serve on this planning group. The group, which will be named in May, will work rapidly over the next few months to define both short- and long-term needs for Trotter in serving our multicultural student

At the same time, President Coleman and I are working with experts in the Development Office to determine the feasibility of fundraising for Trotter renovations. President Coleman and I have made a personal commitment to investing our time in raising funds for Trotter.

With regard to a standing student advisory committee, I have begun discussions with student leaders and group members from a wide range of student organizations including the Michigan Student Assembly, Student Relations Advisory Committee (appointed by SACUA), Native American Student Association, Black Student Union, Arab Student Association, Latino Association, Asian American Association, Student of Color Of Rackham (SCOR), Muslim Student Assembly, All Fired Up, LSA Student Government and others. My immediate purpose is to seek your ideas about how this student advisory committee should be structured, what its ongoing role should be, and how it should complement existing student advisory and governance structures. I am trying to hold as many of these meetings and conversations as possible before the end of the term. If you or members of your group would like to share your ideas about this, please e-mail Sallye Ramsey at ramseys at My plan is to have the advisory committee up and running no later than October.

Finally, I would like to let you know that the position of Latino coordinator in MESA is posted at: . If you know of any good candidates for this position, I encourage you to bring them to our attention.


Royster Harper
Vice President for Student Affairs”

Author: Rob