Personal Notes

This website has been selected by the editors of the Michigan Daily as “Best Blog” in Ann Arbor. See Daily: “GoodspeedUpdate a useful tool for ‘U’ community” Overall, I thought it was a very good article, except for the last paragraph which seems as if it were added by an editor: “The future looks bright for blogging to become common practice, especially as bloggers don’t have to follow the rules of newspaper grammar and citing sources and can post articles, opinions and random thoughts with ease and comfort.” I’ll leave it for my readers to judge the quality of my journalism, although I try to think of what I do as slightly above the work of a tabloid “journalist” like Matt Drudge. (Also, here’s the full list of the Daily’s best of Ann Arbor)

My idea of creating an organization of progressive alumni/ae seems to be taking off – if you would like to be involved in an organizational meeting to be held in the next two weeks and have not yet contacted me, please drop me a line at rob at My friend Becky Parks has volunteered to head up a DC chapter – you can email her at parksr at, although for the early stages both groups will share the same listserv. (She works for a nonprofit there)

Author: Rob