What’s going on?

It’s a busy time of year, to say the least.

Local and Campus News

– Stephanie Ridella, a 19-year old resident of South Quad from Troy, Michigan is missing. AANews: “Missing U-M student raises fears”

– The City of Ann Arbor has announced they’ll install a median and “eventually” a traffic light on Plymouth Road, near where two U-M students were killed trying to cross the street. My view: two deaths are two too many: install them ASAP. (AANews: “Plymouth Road Changes proposed”)

– Air quality in Washtenaw County is among the lowest in the nation, yet another reason why the region should vigorously move forward to increase funding for public transit, and freeze construction of sprawl and more roads.

– The Lecturers’ Employee Organization held a “work-in” yesterday in the lobby of the Fleming Administration building to keep pressure up on the University. Daily: “Lecturers urge ‘U’ to resume contract talks”

– A law signed by Governor Granholm today mean those found guilty of “minor in possession of alcohol” who violate their probation would face “up to 30 days in jail and a $200 fine under the new law.” (Daily: “New Law Increases MIP penalties”)

– At Goodness Day today, a group from East Quad was handing out pirate flags. Although I’m not sure if it was the East Quad Governing Council or the “Independent Republic of the RC” (I’m not sure if they’re two different entities), but it brought to mind that group. Although pirate flags are neat, if it was the “republic” I hope they realize its not accurate to call yourself an independent republic if the RC is still run as a dictatorship – meaning its administration doesn’t involved the formalized input of students. (Certainly, it’s a benevolent one at that). Unless student input is formalized at the highest levels, I don’t think it could be considered a “republic”.

Author: Rob