Michigan Daily editorial page editor Jason Z. Pesick has a lovely little column in today’s Daily you might have heard about. In it, he writes about how glad he is that a “incestuous crew of campus activists,” is “finally” graduating. It’s enigmatically titled, “End of the vulcans” – I’m not sure what he means by “vulcans.” (Maybe Vulture?) Here’s the end:

” … So I won’t shed a tear when these self-glorified hatemongers graduate. In the few personal encounters I have had with them, I have found their rhetoric and their approach to advocacy enraging and hurtful at the same time. I feel lucky that I am only a sophomore and did not have to go through college with them and constantly deal with their painful accusations for four years.

But I do think that some of them might be shedding a few tears when they leave Ann Arbor. They should. Because their silly campaigns at the University were their zenith; I pray they’ll never feel so important again. And I know that this University will be a much more decent place without them.”

Author: Rob