This website was featured in the April 2004 Ann Arbor Observer in a short “guide” to local weblogs published on pages 14 and 15. Read more about the coverage on Arborblogs, Airbeagle (and co-author Brandhast), srah blah blah, and commonmonkeyflower. Meanwhile, Hillary’s The Bunker, and Steve’s Seat of the Revolution resent being characterized as Ann Arbor blogs. My criticism is more elementary than that: it just doesn’t seem to be a particularly good guide – they even listed the wrong URL for the arborblogs site, which I started back in December. Here’s the entry they come up with for this site: (I’ve added links to the February and December posts they characterize as “recent”)

“Goodspeed Update (Rob Goodspeed,
Recent Posts: Lee Bolinger’s “imperial presidency,support for AATA service to Metro Airport
Quote: “I’ll be spending today at the ‘Creating Cool’ conference held as part of the governor’s statewide cool cities initiative.”

While I appreciate the publicity, I suspect the story has been “on hold” for a while – making its content a bit dated. I find it interesting that none of the city’s media outlets has covered the local blog scene very well – although this ‘guide’ is probably the best so far. The Ann Arbor News hasn’t printed anything, save a mention of Ann Arbor Is Overrated in their “Talk About Town” column, the Michigan Daily published a story about student blogs that didn’t include any of the popular local blogs run by U-M students.

Author: Rob