Dean Campus Visit Cancelled

I’ve just learned Howard Dean’s scheduled appearance on campus tomorrow has been cancelled, after he has cut his trip to Michigan short to travel to Wisconsin, apparently pinning his candidacy on the results from that state:

“ROYAL OAK, Mich. (AP) — Presidential candidate Howard Dean cut short his visit to Michigan Thursday, canceling an event with Detroit voters Thursday evening and a Friday event in Ann Arbor to fly to Wisconsin.

The schedule change came after Dean was greeted by small but enthusiastic crowds during morning events in Flint and Royal Oak and visited Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. Dean had said in an e-mail distributed Thursday that Wisconsin was the key to continuing his campaign.

Dean wrote: “The entire race has come down to this: we must win Wisconsin. … A win there will carry us to the big states of March 2 and narrow the field to two candidates. Anything less will put us out of this race.” […]

“Winning Michigan is going to be hard,” [Dean] said. But he also noted he’s still second in the delegate count behind Kerry, and hopes to pick up more delegates in Michigan, Maine and Washington state this weekend.

“If I can stay close to Kerry, I can take him in the end,” he said. “

> AP: “Dean courts Michigan voters, then cancels events to go to Wisconsin”

Meanwhile, Michigan senators Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow have endorsed John Kerry.

Author: Rob