The Markley Hall flu is expanding beyond the first hall where the outbreak had begun earlier this week, and now has effected a total of 43 people (or 46, according to the AP):

“The University’s Occupational Safety and Environmental Health department confirmed yesterday that a total of 43 students have now contracted the contagious viral gastroenteritis, also known as the stomach flu, in Mary Markley Residence Hall during the past four or five days, said Alan Levy, Director of Housing Public Affairs. […]

Other floors housing infected students include third Reeves, a women’s hall, and first Reeves, a men’s hall.

But Levy pointed out that not all 43 students were sick today – the estimate also includes students who were sick earlier this week, but only recently notified authorities of their illness.

The entire first and fourth floors of Markley were quarantined as of early this morning.”

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Author: Rob