Drop in Minority Enrollment On the Horizon?

Although the overall number of applications to the University is down 18%, the number of minority student applicants is down 23%, which could suggest next year’s freshman class will also reflect a decline in the number of blacks, Hispanics and American Indians on campus. According to the Free Press story, the proportions of applicants admitted seem to corroborate this theory: only 30% of the already reduced pool of underrepresented minorities have been admitted, but the overall rate is only down slightly – 1% – meaning students of other races are being admitted at higher rates this year than in the recent past. For information about the racial composition of the current student body, see the Registrar’s website, and this page for other detailed enrollment information.

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> Michigan Daily: “Applications from minorities drop in ’03-04”

For those interested, here’s a post about my view on affirmative action.

Also, the Daily is speculating that the “Markley Flu” or the strand of viral gastroenteritis going around is in fact caused by the Norwalk virus, and confirms administrators have instituted containment policies in South Quad after a new case appeared there, brining the total to 83, with 13 new cases since Saturday.

> AANews: “Spread of virus in dorms has slowed, U-M says”
> UMPR: “Norovirus confirmed in viral gastroenteritis outbreak at the University of Michigan”

Author: Rob