The solution to road rage: walking. Or the bus.

” Angry driver slapped her, woman reports

An Ann Arbor woman said she was slapped in the side of the head by an angry motorist during an apparent road-rage incident this week, Ann Arbor Police said.

The incident occurred Monday evening in the 1900 block of West Liberty Street, but was not reported until Tuesday. The 30-year-old Ann Arbor woman said the driver behind her was tailgating her, so she slowed and let the driver pass, reports said. She said the driver stopped in front of her vehicle and confronted her, then slapped her, reports said.

The woman said she looked at the license plate on the car, and the motorist said, “That’s right – look at my plate,” police said. Police contacted the registered owner of the car and found out the identity of the 45-year-old Ypsilanti woman driving the vehicle that day, police said. She has not yet been interviewed. “ (AANews)

Author: Rob