Like a naive child struggling to keep perspective as it learns about the world, the Ann Arbor News recently discovered the U-M’s Office of Property Disposition. The Property Disposition office is a little-known entity that sells the University’s extra stuff on the cheap. Yes, the series raises some interesting questions regarding whether the University could make more profit on the way they get rid of excess equipment and whether proper steps are taken to maintain privacy (by expunging computer hard drives, for example). However, did that really warrant FIVE lead stories in the Sunday Ann Arbor News? They’re searching for some sort of award I fear, and failing in the process (remember the exhaustive, exhausting, and ultimately mediocre coverage of the greenbelt?)

> AANews: “Who’s minding the store” and “Audit finds private data on computers” and “U-M’s loss often scavengers’ gain” and “Schools pick over used computer equipment” and “A few finds at U-M’s flea market”

> Some of the fun being picked up by the Associated Press wire: “Bargain hunters find deals on used equipment at University of Michigan”

Author: Rob