Ralph Nader has announced he will be running for president, again, but this time as an independent. My firm and unwavering opinion: Bush must go. So when November rolls around, if you live in a state so red it’s dripping republicanism, vote Nader (if he’s on the ballot). If you vote anywhere you’ll vote actually might matter (Michigan and Florida come to mind) vote for whatever the Democrats cough up, in all his tax-cut voting, Iraq-war approving, Patriot-Act supporting New Democratic splendor.

John Kerry voted for the Iraq War and the U.S.A. PATRIOT Act, and some of the Republicans’ tax cuts (although not the big $1.3 trillion one that is helping create an alleged tens of dozens of jobs). He also voted for the much-disliked Digital Millenium Copyright Act that the RIAA is using to harass 13-year-olds who downloaded a Britney Spears song and made cracking a DVD, even for academic purposes, a “terrorist” offense. (The Electronic Freedom Forum is a good resource on the DMCA)

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Author: Rob