In addition to Peter Allen’s Broadway Village project, there seems to be a lot of interesting activity in the area just across the river from Kerrytown. After attending a community meeting, Brandon posts the following:

“The most interesting thing I learned is actually in the works already. Mr. Jim Moran, who told me he was a founder of the Performance Network and instrumental in converting the Technology Center to artistic space, is, in combination with the owner of the Northside Grill, in the process of purchasing the entire block surrounded by Broadway, Moore, Pontiac Trail, and Swift. The plan is to make a sort of “arts village,” with a theater and affordable studio space in the old Suzuki building, live-work spaces, office space, restaurants, gallery space, and possibly other retail. This seems perfect for Lower Town– instead of the total gentrification of the area, it looks like we are heading toward some really innovative uses of the core of the neighborhood. Maybe everyone won’t need to move to Ypsi after all.”

Author: Rob