While I’m sure you’ll hear plenty from me about today’s cool cities conference, here’s some media:

> Michigan Radio discusses Ypsilanti and “cool cities” (via Steve)

I also heard that there was an NPR piece with Richard Florida and Governor Granholm that “talked about Ann Arbor a lot,” I haven’t located it anywhere on the web yet. Also, the small business owner interviewed in the story above participated in a group break-out session about Ypsilanti. No, nobody from Ann Arbor was giving presentations, but we were well represented, and ironically, I heard “a lot” went to the Ypsilanti presentation. Meanwhile, I was meeting some interesting people from Detroit in a session about how a group of local artists renovated an aging industrial facility in St. Joseph Michigan to use for artist studios, galleries, performance space, and a gift shop in something called “The Box Factory for the Arts.”

Author: Rob