The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has arrested 245 suspected illegal immigrants in 21 states employed as cleaners at Walmart in something the federal government is calling “Operation Rollback.” The Associated Press has reported that investigators have found evidence Walmart knowingly employed the illegal immigrants.

What I found interesting was the list of countries where the immigrants were citizens. Although I haven’t read much about it, this summer I found many people working seasonal jobs in both Maine and North Carolina (and I assume across the U.S.) were from the former Soviet states and eastern Europe. Here’s the list: Mexico 90, Czech Republic 35, Mongolia 22, Brazil 20, Uzbekistan 14 , Poland 13, Russia 12, Georgia 11, Lithuania 11, Slovakia 4, Bulgaria 3, Hungary 3, Ukraine 2, Argentina 1, El Salvador 1, Guatemala 1, Honduras 1, Tajikistan 1.

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Author: Rob