According to the Detroit News, there’s been an invasion in the posh Detroit suburb of Birmingham – of teenagers. Apparently the mall has become passe – who knew? Merchants don’t seem to mind the crowds, but it occurs to me they might be able to make some more money if they stayed open later than 6 p.m. Now, it’s a shame there’s no place in Detroit they could go …

“Despite the crowds, police say there has been no appreciable increase in the crime rate since May, when people first began complaining about the crowds.”

[ . . . ] The crowds on the streets don’t automatically translate into cash in the register for Birmingham businesses. Many of them shut their doors by 6 p.m., before the streets start jumping. But retailers say that even if the young visitors aren’t helping their business, at least they do no harm.”

> From Detroit News: “Teen invasion rattles Birmingham”

Author: Rob