A bronze bust of former former U-M physics professor and 1999 Nobel Prize winner Martinus Veltman was stolen from the walkway between West Hall and the Randall Laboratory on July 11, just two months after its installation. Today, the university announced it is offering a $500 reward for information that leads to its recovery. President Coleman has taken the unusual step of sending the retired scientist a message notifying him of the theft.

“The sculpture is an excellent one, but its value as art at a local cash sale is surely quite modest. They’ve probably had their kicks out of it by now, and it would be wonderful if we could get it back.”

The office of U-M President Mary Sue Coleman sent Veltman, 72, a message informing him of the theft.

“He was obviously disappointed, but not as enraged as I thought he would be,” Zorn said.

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Author: Rob