According to an Associated Press story, Ann Arbor resident Rabih Haddad has been deported. His family, however, will remain in the U.S. even though they faced the exact same minor immigration violation – overstaying their visas. At the time of his arrest, (first reported by this website) Mr. and Mrs. Haddad had applied for citizenship, and their application was being considered when their visas expired. Although the entire family had violated their visas, only Mr. Haddad was arrested and detained when federal agents stormed his residence on December 14, 2001, on “Farewell Friday,” or the last day of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Haddad had been inprisoned until his deportation Monday, allowed only short visits with his wife and four children. Mr. Haddad and the charity he co-founded, the Global Relief Foundation, have not been charged with any crime after lengthy federal investigations.

AP: “Haddad deported, family remains in U.S.”

Author: Rob