Iraq’s ‘Governing Council met today for the first time while Paul Bremer said in a press conference it would be up to “Iraqis” to determine how long U.S. troops would remain in Iraq. Showing a characteristic failure to understand democracy, the 25-member council was appointed by the U.S. and any decision they make can be vetoed by Bremer. Not suprisingly, the council’s meeting was met with a protest (which seems little reported aside from a few seconds on PBS’s News Hour) and skepticism:
“We cannot back the council. It is backed by America and it won’t change anything. America has just made empty promises,” said Sabah Kathim, an ice-seller who earns $3 a day.”
> From Reuter’s “New Council takes first step towards democracy”

Imagine if in the 1760s King George had appointed a council of tories in the 13 colonies, reserved the right to veto anything they decidied, and said they would be the sovereign government. What would Thomas Paine have done? George Washington? Sam Adams?

Author: Rob