“A similar installation of cameras at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor has also met no student opposition, according to campus officials, though some students have complained about the cost of security enhancements. The university is in the process of installing cameras at every entrance to its 16 dormitories, as part of a $4-million upgrade to its electronic key system.

In the end, the dorms will have about 200 cameras, at the cost of about $350,000, says Mr. Levy, of Michigan’s housing department. The security upgrades were prompted by a rash of break-ins and Peeping Tom incidents last fall, says Mr. Levy.

The cameras are “not on residential corridors, and they’re not near private areas or bathrooms,” says Mr. Levy. “We tried to be as sensitive as possible to privacy concerns. We want to avoid any remote perception of any kind of Big-Brother thing.””

From The Chronicle of Higher Ed.: “Smile! You’re on campus camera”, See also the Chronicle’s live online discussion tomorrow at 1PM.

Author: Rob