The U.S. Army has patented technology that can dispense “biological and chemical agents” over unruly crowds, further reason they need a biotechnology research center at the U of M – to protect U.S. “warfighters.”

The AP estimates 3,240 civilian deaths in Iraq. (According to a February 2003 Zogby Poll, 54% of Americans said they would oppose a war with Iraq if “It meant thousands of Iraqi civilian casualties,” and 54% also said they would oppose an Iraq war if “the US waged war without significant United Nations or international support.”)

A front-page story in the New York Times discribes how “not a day has gone by without troops weathering an ambush, a rocket-propelled grenade attack, an assault with automatic weapons or a mine blast” in the Iraqi city of Falluja.
Ari Fleischer, April 1, 2003:
“…I can just tell you, just before I came out here, there was a report on one of the cables that showed an Iraqi citizen saying on camera, “Saddam no, America” — and he gave a thumbs-up, like that. So we’re starting to see some of the more visible signals now from the public of Iraq as the operation of Iraqi Liberation goes forward and people feel more free to speak out and I think you’ll see more of that.”

Hans Bliz calls the White House and Defense Department “bastards,” accusing them of launching a smear campaign to discredit his work.

Author: Rob