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Tuesday, April 19th, 2005

Michigamua Members

from ‘04 and ‘05 classes …

Lisa Yang (lwy) - USAC pres
Dana Baki (dbaki) - MSA
Antonina Nina Catalfio (acatalfi) - UMDM
Jaya Soni - Head Multicultural Greek Council (See the Daily on controversy)
Neal Pancholi - IASA president, AIO president, 2006 SAAN cochair

In my opinion, no self-respecting progressive should even consider joining Michigamua. If there was a very elite troup that performed blackface minstrelsy for around 90 years, and around year 100 asked you to join - would you? Of course not. I challenge anyone: go to the Bentley Historical Library. All of the organization’s internal communications are written in stylized english. All of the classes have taken nick-names. Their longtime letterhead contains gross stereotypes. The historical record is unambiguous - the group has an offensive history and identity. The leader interested in service has many options other than Michigamua. Plus, if you join Michigamua, when you try to run for public office or ask anyone I know for a job I will be there, holding you accountable for your actions.

> See more members.
> See Michigamua documents
> See related blog entries

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Friday, April 15th, 2005

Michigamua Class of 1966

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Michigamua Members

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Michigamua Members

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Michigamua Members

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Michigamua Help Needed

I am preparing a flurry of new publicity surrounding Michigamua. I have a few names from this year’s and last year’s classes - help me complete my list. Your confidentiality is ensured: rob at

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Monday, April 11th, 2005

obsolete campus society

This rock is at the base of the big flag pole on the Diag.

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Wednesday, March 23rd, 2005

A New Use for Flickr

Obtaining photocopies at an official historical archive can be difficult. They usually charge per copy, and sometimes require you have them make the copies, which is time consuming. In some archives photocopies are sometimes prohibited, which makes transcribing documents a tedious prospect. However, many archives will allow digital photography of their holdings - but the problem is then what to do with the photos. They don’t print very well, and you can’t read the text well if you shrink it down to view or distribute on the web. The answer? The photo sharing site Flickr - where I can post comments, make available full versions of the images for those that are interested, and even categorize them with multiple keywords.

> See historical documents on the U-M secret society Michigamua
> My Michigamua primer
> All major entries on Michigamua

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Tuesday, February 22nd, 2005

My Papers in the Bentley

Yesterday, I turned over many of my papers I accumulated during my four and a half years living in Ann Arbor to the Bentley Historical Collection at the University of Michigan.

While I have been told it will take some time before the papers are publicly available as they receive a large amount of donations I thought I would post a description of its contents.

The collection, which will be available under my name, will include the following things:

Why the Bentley? First, I wanted this information preserved in a public yet secure location. Most of its salient information is already replicated on this website, and although something of a conspiracy theorist I believed they would follow my wishes and make the information public. Second, as the University’s official archive their funding and future seems assured for the forseeable future. They recently expanded, and the University has a vested interest in the health and future of the archive.

Searching This WebsiteThere are three ways to find information on this website:
> First, you can conduct a simple google search by clicking here, or in google add the text “” to the end of your keywords. This method includes all the content I have posted and should be your first post.
> Second, to search in just the blog entries, use the small search box on the upper right. This does not include much of the older content like salaries or political giving.
> Third, browse by topic. On the bottom left there is a “categories” section. Most of the larger posts on the topics listed have been categorized - simply click on the subjects to browse the posts.
If you have any trouble finding anything, let me know: rob at

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Saturday, October 16th, 2004

More Vulcan Members

I take requests. Here are past members of the University of Michigan Engineering College Honor society Vulcan:

Fall 1995 “We-10″
Sven G. Bilen - Helios
Brian J. Bishop - Hermes
William E. Cohen - Dionysus
Jennifer L. Cook - Cybele
Arus T. D’Souza - Harpocrates
Tammy M. (Rice) Ellies - Artemis
Mary Thomas - Hestia
Stephani (Halloran) Nappier - Tethys
Laura A. Sebesta - Demeter
Hon: Margaret A. Fillon - Astraea

Winter 1996 “Delos”
Lauren (Somershoe) Bauerschmidt - Demeter
Roslyn M. Bloom - Astraea
Sean P. Burke - Heracles
Enrico Ferrari - Apollo
Catherine S. Peponis - Cybele
Mira K. Sahney - Hebe
Atisa Sioshansi - Astarte
Amber L. Thweatt - Eos
Charles A. VanHoy - Momus
Terrance E. Weiss - Harpocrates
Belinda Williams - Psyche
Hon: Thomas D. Gilespie - Anteros

Fall 1996 “Epidaurus”
Kimberly S. DIllon - Cybele
Jason H. Bubolz - Apollo
Amy M. Fischer - Astraea
Dan P. Griffith - Pan
Rashaunda M. Henderson - Iris
Joseph E. Magro - Momus
David J. Messih - Harpocrates
Jyshri Sabarinathan - Hebe
Marie A. (Wiecinski) Solem - Tethys
Hon: John W. Halloran - Hypnos

> Other members, what is Vulcan?
> Initiation rituals information

Comments (0) • Posted to University of MichiganMichigamua by Rob at 7:41 pm

Thursday, October 14th, 2004

More Information On Michigan Engineering Honor Society VULCAN

While controversy swirled around elitist Michigan “honor” society Michigamua for years for their abuse of Native American Culture and status as the most prestigious honor society at Michigan, others have quietly existed and passed into obscurity. (Most recently, a local blogger has attacked student activists for demanding Michigamua be removed from transcripts - read his entry and my response here.)

Aside from Phoenix, for years a women’s only society recently made co-ed, there exists VULCAN, an engineering “honor” society created in 1904. The group’s symbol, the anvil, can be seen in a small marker near the Engineering Arch in West Hall (where engineering was located before being moved to North Campus) Although as a secret society they have their own set of internal rituals and mythology, centered on Vulcan, the Roman god of the forge.

After obtaining an official reunion publication and posting their membership for recent years and some basic information, I haven’t heard much about them.

Recently, however, some new information has come to my attention. First, an anonymous tipster points me to this document, apparently a sign-up form for duties during their initiation rituals for the Winter 2004 class. Although at first glance rather boring, quite a bit of information can be distilled from the document. First, the initiation seems to consist of a few parts, and more can be determined by reading about the roles required at each stage. They are: Phase I – Chariot Ride, Phase II – The Temple, Phase III – Forge Ritual, Phase IV – Toil of Vulcan, Phase V – Anvil Ceremony, Phase VI – Lurie Bell Tower Ceremony, Phase VII – Vulcans Feast.

The “temple” the speak of is apparently on North Campus, and the ceremony includes activities in the Lurie Bell Tower, and the Dow Building. Other activities planned for the weekend include a “Sunday Morning Anvil Cleaning” and a “Monday Formal Night” where members signed up for the Scavenger Hunt, Ashley’s, Charlie’s, Old Anvil Site (presumably Central Campus), Starbuck’s, and Mt. Aetna Site.

The engineers seem to have updated there ceremonies to take into consideration new buildings and (perhaps) a new “temple” space, which this document suggests is on campus, which would be in violation of the agreement the University announced at the conclusion of the 2000 Tower Occupation where administrators said all organizations would be treated the same when it came to University facilities. (Perhaps the “temple” is held in a student organization cubicle in Pierpont Commons!)

Given the plausibility of this document, let’s move to another correspondence I’ve received. A 2003 electrical engineering graduate writes to me that he was “disgusted by the elitist vulcans” as a student, and offers what he claims to be a script from their induction ceremony, which seems to explain why the anvil must be cleaned the Sunday after the initiation!

Note: The “Ashes” mentioned here are actually a mixture of raw eggs, salad dressing, jello, mud, baking powder, vinegar, and other assorted items.
Abbreviations - GIV=Grand Imperial Vulcan

Anvil Ceremony

Place ashes on anvil before first neophyte arrives. Neophyte is led to the anvil, where his or her hands are placed on the monument. Remove the blindfold and instruct the neophyte to look down and NOT to open his or her eyes.

BGIV: “Bow your head before the Grand Imperial Vulcan”

All: “Aye-Cho-Mem!”

BGIV: “O Mighty Grand Imperial Vulcan, I bring you one NEOPHYTE NAME, who deems himself/herself worthy of membership in the Vulcan Society

All: “Worthy??? – hahahahaha – Aye-Cho-Mem!”

GIV: “By the command of mighty Vulcan, let this neophyte henceforth be known
as NEOPHYTE ANVIL NAME,… And so that it will not forget, let its name and symbol of our society be emblazoned upon its body.

All: “hjssssss,” as BGIV stamps anvil on forehead. “Aye-Cho-Mem!”

BGIV: “What is your name, neophyte?”

Neophyte attempts to give his correct name.

GIV: “NEOPHYTE ANVIL NAME, I will now ask you to confirm that you possess the four qualities of Vulcans. The Vulcans that have come before you, who have embodied these traits, have placed their ashes on the symbol of Vulcan
in front of you. This bucket contains your ashes that has been carried along the treacherous journey from Vulcan’s forge, through the slime pit, to fire, and your ashes have been tainted by the foul stench of the slime pits! In asserting that you possess the following qualities, add your ashes to the symbol of Vulcan.”

(pictures will be taken of the neophyte while adding the ashes to Vulcan’s

GIV: Leadership?
(neophyte adds ashes to symbol of Vulcan)
All: “Aye-Cho-Mem!”

GIV: Responsibility?
(neophyte adds ashes to the symbol of Vulcan)
All: “Aye-Cho-Mem!”

GIV: Integrity?
(neophyte adds ashes to the symbol of Vulcan)
All: “Aye-Cho-Mem!”

GIV: And most of all, Humility?
(neophyte adds ashes to symbol of Vulcan)
All: “Aye-Cho-Mem!”

GIV: Neophyte, we ask that you go now, and reflect on these four qualities
that you affirm you posses.
All: “Take it away!” Neophyte is reblindfolded and taken away to see Sister

> Mentions of Vulcan on this site

Comments (0) • Posted to University of MichiganMichigamua by Rob at 5:47 pm

Friday, September 24th, 2004

Michigamua on Wikipedia

Michigamua - Rope Day 1966To commemorate the opening of the National Museum of the American Indian, I’ve organized my materials related to Michigamua, the University of Michigan secret society with a long history of bastardizing Native American culture. To read all the blog entries I have written on this group, click on “Michigamua” under “categories” on the left side. (Scroll down)

I have also started an encyclopedia entry on Wikipedia on Michigamua: go and contribute! (Wikipedia is a free, community-edited encyclopedia which recently marked their 1 millionth article.)

Comments (2) • Posted to Michigamua by Rob at 12:08 am

Tuesday, June 1st, 2004

Tom Hayden Turned Down Michigamua Tap

According to an article he penned for the progressive website AlterNet, former Michigan Daily editor and Students for a Democratic Society leader Tom Hayden turned down membership in Michigamua - in the 1960s. However, he admits joing the now-defunct (I think) LSA society called the Druids.

” … I was a member of a secret society during the same era as Bush and Kerry, at the University of Michigan, and can testify that these are profoundly lasting experiences. As a junior, I was tapped for the Druids, which involved a two-day ritual that included being stripped to my underpants, pelted with eggs, smeared with red dye and tied to a campus tree. These humiliations signified my rebirth from lowly student journalist to Big Man on Campus.

Soon, however, I became alienated. None of the bonding could make me feel I actually belonged. Perhaps I was an outsider by nature, an Irish Catholic descendant of immigrants, first in my family to attend university. The clubbiness had one purpose, as a source told Alexandra Robbins for her book on Skull and Bones. It was “to make the other people who didn’t get in feel bad.” But even as an insider, I felt bad, undeserving, resentful.

When I was tapped in my senior year for the most prestigious secret society, Michigauma, I decided instead to hide out in a girlfriend’s apartment, becoming the first refusenik in Michigauma history. But I still felt like something was wrong with me, that I didn’t have the right stuff, that I was blowing my future. … “

> “When bonesman fight”
> See my related post: Current student government leaders ‘turn down the tap’

Who were the Druids, you ask? For that, we turn to something called “The University of Michigan, an encyclopedic survey” This is a massive set of volumes about University history published between 1817 and 1975, although most of the contents were written and compiled in the 1940s and 1950s. The university has digitized all the volumes in this set and made them searchable online at this URL:

A quick search pulled up this entry from a 1940s volume of the survey in a section about a number of campus societies, including Michigamua, Druids, Mortar Board, Sphinx, Owls, Vulcans, Triangles, most of which no longer exist.


On a spring evening of each year, the members of Druids, garbed in their traditional gowns and hoods, with torches in hand, march from the Forest room in the Union to the Druid rock where some twenty neophytes await the ordeal of initiation. Finishing this informal part of the proceedings, the members, singing the “Men of Druids” song, lead the “Awenyds” back to the Forest room, where formal ceremonies are held. With these at an end, a new class is welcomed into the society to carry on the purpose and traditions of Druids.

The organization was established in 1909-10 by twenty men as the Senior Honorary Society of the Literary College, with eligibility to membership based upon meritorious services to the University and selection by the members. Professor Arthur L. Cross and the late Dean John R. Effinger were chosen as the first two honorary members from the faculty, remaining active until their deaths. Druids counts among its alumni the late Supreme Court Justice Frank Murphy and Dean Earl Moore, of the School of Music.

The purpose of Druids is to coalesce the aims and efforts of its members so as to serve the University better by lending the united support of the society to each member in his fields of activity.
Thomas K. Fisher”

What evidence is there that the Druids no longer exist? In Fall 2000, a Druid alumn wrote a letter to the official U-M newsletter Michigan Today asking whether the organization was still active, saying “Like Michigamua, Druids was assigned a private meeting room in the Union Tower. On several visits to the Michigan Union in the years since I graduated, I inquired of staff as to whether Druids still existed and met in the Union and whether I could have access its meeting room but none of the Union staffers to whom I spoke has ever acknowledged having any knowledge of either Druids or Michigamua.” The next month, in a letter reminiscing about that organization’s induction rituals, 1964 graduate Roger Lowenstein quips that “Mr. Berger owes us some 37 years of back membership dues, plus interest. He may send the check to me and I’ll take care of it.” Draw your own conclusions.

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Tuesday, April 20th, 2004

Campus “Leadership” Societies and Women

“In a series of events that made national headlines, the [Yale Secret Society Skull and] Bones class of 1991 eventually tapped female juniors. […]

In 1991, after approximately eight hundred living members voted by mail, Bones narrowly endorsed the admission of women. But in early September, the day before the women were to be initiated, a faction led by patriarch William F. Buckley (1950) obtained from New Haven Superior Court Judge Donald Celotto a court order that temporarily blocked the 1991 club from initiating the nine men and six women it had tapped; as a result the ceremony was canceled. …. Bones held a second vote on October 23. More than 425 members came to the tomb and hundreds more voted by proxy; the votes tallied 368 to 320 in favor that women should be elected to the society. The women were initiated on Sunday, October 27.

Senators David Boren and John Kerry later disclosed that they voted for the admittance of women. George Bush and George W. Bush have never confessed how they voted, though George W. might have provided a clue when in 1994 he told PBS producer Lynn Novick, a woman who graduated from Yale in 1983, that Yale “went downhill since they admitted women.” During his 1988 presidential campaign, George Bush admitted he was not necessarily included to let women into the society.”

– From Secrets of the Tomb, pp. 157-158.

According to the New York Times, Michigamua admitted its first women in 1999 to be members of the “Pride” of 2000. (See Robyn Meredith, “Michigan Students Protest Campus Club’s Indian Relics,” New York Times 13 Feburary 2000, Sec. 1, p. 18) (Reprint available here)

> Michigamua Images
> Michigamua / Phoenix Membership Page

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Monday, April 12th, 2004

Turning Down the Tap

It has been rumored that current Michigan Student Assembly president Jason Mironov was tapped by Michigamua to be a member of their “Pride of 2005.” Well, it was true he was tapped, however Mr. Mironov has decided he did not want to be a member of that organization. He told me that he ” … chose not be part of the organization after I had done my own homework and because of the controversy surrounding it.” Mironov also told me he intends to use his position to encourage dialogue about Michigamua on campus.

In addition to Mr. Mironov, MSA Vice President Jenny Nathan turned down a tap to be a member of Phoenix’s 2005 class. Here’s a paragraph she sent me about that decision:

Jenny Nathan, MSA Vice President 2004-2004, College Dems Chair 2003-2004
Tapped by Phoenix, March of 2004

I turned down the Phoenix Tap because joining a secret society would violate and betray every value that I have worked and fought for on campus over the last 3 years. Honesty, transparency, equality, a level playing field–the elitism and secrecy of the Tower societies contradict every one of these values. In College Dems and on MSA I have worked to represent ALL STUDENTS. As a white, Jewish woman, I have worked to build bridges and establish relationships with people from all different backgrounds–relationships that are built on TRUST, as well as a mutual desire to see positive changes here on campus and on a larger scale. If I were to join a secret society, I would be betraying the trust that I work every day to earn. The history of the Tower societies–Michigamua, Phoenix, and Vulcan has caused so much pain and division amongst people I know and care about. Even if the societies claim to have changed their ways, the damage is done. I turned down Phoenix on the spot, and the women who tapped me said that they had anticipated that I would refuse, and that alone I took as an honor. “

More people who have turned town taps are forthcoming …

> Michigamua Image Gallery
> Michigamua / Phoenix Membership Page
> Vulcan Members

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Michigamua On Official Transcripts

Michigamua has found itself once again in the news, this time because members can have membership listed on their official transcripts:

“Michigamua, the secret society of University of Michigan students kicked out of the Michigan Union four years ago after a student protest, is once again the focus of student complaints.

This time, student activists want U-M to cut its last tie to the group: Membership in Michigamua can be listed on a student’s transcript as an honor.

Eliminating that practice was on a list of issues that Student Voices in Action recently presented to U-M President Mary Sue Coleman and other administrators.

Michigamua, an honorary society formed in 1902, was founded on Native American themes, with members sometimes painting themselves red and wearing loin cloths and headdresses in their rituals. The organization, which includes former President Gerald Ford among its alums, kept a meeting room in the tower of the Michigan Union until 2000, when a group of students occupied the room and demanded the organization’s ouster because, they said, its actions dishonor Native Americans. U-M administrators eventually moved Michigamua and a couple of other organizations out of the Union. Michigamua now meets off campus.

Members of Student Voices discovered that Michigamua is still among more than 220 organizations and honors that U-M students can ask to have noted on their official transcript. U-M officials say they were unaware that Michigamua was on the list and they are reviewing the practice. …

Sean Carmody, a member of Michigamua who has spoken on campus on the group’s behalf in the past, said the organization’s members don’t list the organization on their transcripts, although they are aware they could.

“We’re a humble organization,” he said. “We don’t use our organization to call attention to ourselves.”

Carmody declined to say where the group meets or describe what it does. Its Web site says it is committed to diversity and it has dropped connections to Native American culture from its rituals. It calls itself a “quiet leadership society.” …

Activists say the group hasn’t reinvented itself enough, and it is unapologetic for the past.

“Just because you’ve changed something you used to do doesn’t really make anything right,” said Brittany Marino, incoming chairwoman of the Native American Student Association. “The name of the group hasn’t changed. … It does offend a lot of people.”

The Michigamua Web site says the name was made up by founding members.

The list of transcript honors is being reviewed by U-M Provost Paul Courant, who will come up with a new policy to determine which should continue to be listed on transcripts, and which should not. Among the questions, he said, is why there are only 220 on the list, but more than 800 student groups at the university.

Most of the honors are awards or prizes, like the Hopwood Major for literary achievement.

Others denote membership in a honors club, like Golden Key, which calls itself an international academic honor society. Some recognize service to fraternities and the university, like the Order of Omega.

The university likely will make some changes to the list of honors. “Michigamua and many other groups are there as artifacts” of a old practice, said U-M spokeswoman Julie Peterson.

“What the university is now asking is whether these groups that appear on the transcripts have a mission that’s consistent with an academic honorific award,” she said.

Reporter Dave Gershman can be reached at (734) 994-6818 or dgershman at “

> AANews: “U-M group again target of complaints”

Comments (0) • Posted to Michigamua by Rob at 3:25 pm Edit This

Friday, April 9th, 2004

Michigamua Images Posted

“The struggles of Native Americans are not new. Since European contact, we have fought to retain our dignity in the face of oppression and assimilation. Sadly, we continue to struggle at the University of Michigan. In 1972, courageous members of our community informed Michigamua and the University of Michigan about how their actions and inactions demean our personal dignity and undermine our culture through the perversion of our religious practices. Our concerns were reiterated in 1978 and again in 1986. In 1989, an agreement was signed between Michigamua, the University, and a Native American complainant, in which Michigamua promised “to eliminate all references to Native American culture and pseudo-culture and extensions and parodies thereof.” Realizing that the agreement had not been upheld, Native American concerns were reiterated in 1997. Our struggle continues today. … “

> From “A Statement from the Native American Community Saturday, February 19, 2000″

I’ve just posted a page of images related to Michigamua, which show that organization at the time of the 2000 occupation was in egregious violation of the terms of the 1989 agreement since the “Wigwam” was stuffed with objects and materials refering to Native American culture.

> Michigamua Images

Comments (0) • Posted to Michigamua by Rob at 4:54 pm Edit This

Thursday, April 8th, 2004

What about Vulcan?

The secret senior honor society in the College of Engineering is called VULCAN, and celebrated their 100th anniversary this weekend. I have obtained a “booklet prepared in conjunction with the Vulcans 100th Anniversary Celebration, held on April 3, 2004 at the Michigan Union ballroom.” Here is their statement of purpose:

“VULCAN is a society consisting of juniors, seniors, and graduate students who have shown leadership and service to the College of Engineering and the University of Michigan. The purpose of the society is five-fold:

1. To promote comradeship among its members based on their mutual interests.
2. To develop cooperation between student organizations by promoting this friendship among their leaders.
3. To bestow private recognition upon those who are deserving by electing them to membership.
4. To provide service to the College of Engineering in situations where VULCANS has unique capabilities.
5. To maintain the decades of tradition on which our organization was founded.”

Included in the booklet is a listing of members. Unlike Michigamua, the organization seems to have kept less complete membership records. Here’s the caveat they print before the list, the “most extensive effort of this sort ever attempted.": “Every attempt has been made to make this list as accurate as possible. However, it is almost certain that mistakes have been made . … Any questions or corrections may be reported to v-alumni at, or to Vulcan Alumni Association secretary, Tom Hemr.

Without further ado, ladies and gentleman I present to you VULCAN.

Winter 2004 “Vulcanus”
Bahareh Aslani - Hestia
Nia Harrison - Athena
Sean Holleran - Morpheus
Alan McGaughey - Anteros
Evita Nedelkoska - Aphrodite
Marvin Riley - Heracles
Kristi Schmidt - Iris
Jennifer Szymusiak - Hebe
Elliot Wells-Reid - Salinas
Heather White - Psyche
Hon: Frenchie Burroughs - Astarte

Fall 2003 “Troy”
Ronald Dreslinski - Apollo
Hannah Goldberg - Eos
Darby Grande - Psyche
Lauren Greiner - Hebe
Jason Hemak - Ares
Marco Krcatovich - Dionysus
Joseph Lamber - Hermes
Chitra Laxmanan - Cybele
Stephen Rumple - Heracles
Neil Shah - Aeolus
Cordelle Thomasma - Asklepios
Hon: Melissa Eljamal - Amphitrite

Winter 2003 “Thebes”
Brad Belsky - Aeolus
Matthew Cavanaugh - Dionysus
Eli Cooke - Pan
Kristie Devovich - Demerter
Marissa Ebersole - Cybele
Angela Lueking - Tethys
Vernon Newhouse - Hypnos
Meredith Palen - Astraea
Mashid Pirzadeh - Psyche
Steve Skripnik - Eros
Geoff Zmyslowski - Harpocrates

Fall 202 “Samos”
Kiran D’Souza - Harpocrates
Victor T. D’Souza - Poseidon
Jason Hand - Dionysus
Peter E. Haupt - Heracles
Eric Jankowski - Heliod
Michael Lepech - Asklepios
David Ostreicher - Pan
Eric M. Roeder - Aeolus
Jeremy Schneider - Apollo
Brandon Wright - Ares
Hon: Brian Gilchrist - Hermes

Winter 2002 “Rhodes”
Mark e. Christian - hypnos
Patrick J. Goleski - Heracles
Kim Lytle - Eos
Tracy L. Matson - Hestia
Brian J. Mount - Dionysus
Christopher K. Paulson - Aeolus
Janet M. Pien - Astraea
Avi Shertok - Helios
Melissa S. Wu - Artemis

Fall 2001 “Parnassus”
Kristin M. Derwich - Demeter
Mariesta L. Edje - Hestia
Jill M. Gorski - Hebe
Mike R. Lopex - Hermes
Elana M. Martin - Amphitrite
Ken R. Maschke - Dionysus
Brian D. Netter - Aeolus
Tershia Pinder - Athena
Kristina Schmitt - Cybele
Ted W. Way - Harpocrates
Hon: Kevin Collins Asklepios

Winter 2001 “Omphalos”
Michelle N. Butler - Hestia
Aimee E.Constantine - Hebe
Daniel B. Cook - Hypnos
Alessandra B. Ennett - Athena
Michael R. Farina - Salinas
Angela R. Fletcher - Aphrodite
Darren N. Goetz - Harpocrates (Selected, didn’t accept membership)
Arthur P. Hutchinson - Ares
Michael Muse - Anteros
Matthew E. Rudnick - Aeolus
Neha D. Shah - Artemis
Bruno P. Vanzieleghem - Heracles
William E. Wahl - Dionysus
Hon: Susan Ederer - Psyche

Other past classes will be forthcoming, and are avaliable from me upon request.

Explanation of names: “Shortly after the Winter 1995 initiation … The suggestion was made to select a Greek place name and assign it to each class.” Also, this year’s class and every 20 years hence will be called “Vulcanus,” a made-up name.

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Wednesday, April 7th, 2004

Michigamua Pride of 2004

From various sources. These people were selected for membership one year ago, I’m still working on compiling this year’s members. This list is incomplete - if you can help complete either year, please contact me.

The Michigamua “Pride” of 2004 (incomplete)

1. Nupur Kanodia - Dance Marathon External Director - kanodian
2. Bobby Nooromid - Tau Epsilon Phi / Hillel Governing Board Chair - nooromid
3. Nicholas Douville - ndouvill
4. Brandon Roberts - Baseball - bradrobe
5. Jon Monger - College Democrats, Hillel - jmonger
6. Brian Rhodes - National Society of Black Engineers - brhodesz
7. Ronald Lavelle Crawford- Basketball - rlcrawfo
8. John Navarre - football - jnavarre
9. Grant Weber - Dance Marathon - weberg
10. Steve Skripnik - University Activities Center President - sskripni
11. Jillian Centanni - Society of Women Engineers - jcentann

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Thursday, April 1st, 2004

Phoenix Member Speaks Out

I’ve been contacted by a member of the Phoenix honor society, who says the group “toured” the tower on Tuesday, and didn’t have a meeting there. I don’t think the distinction affects the argument I made when I reported on the visit: the tower is now closed to all students except for members of elite secretive organizations. This means the University is in violation of the recommendations of the Office Space Panel accepted by President Bollinger, unless the space is now available for tours by any student organization.

” … Let me first thank you for your reply. I sincerely appreciate you comments and concern. However, as a student here at the University, I have concerns of my own.

As a journalist, it is irresponsible of you to post inaccurate or misleading information. If you don’t know what you’re talking about you should either say so or not say anything at all. You claim on your website that Phoenix held a meeting in the tower last night. That is simply not true. We do not and have not had access to the tower outside of last night. Our group TOURED the tower with escorts who are unaffiliated with Phoenix. I’m not going to go into the logistics that made the tour possible, but I will say that the option is available, with enough persistence, to all who have a legitimate reason to do so.

Secondly, the purpose of anonymity is to maintain the humble nature of the organization and its members. We are not to be going around, bragging about our membership. It is people like you who manipulate it into anything else. Regarding Michigamua, I am in complete alliance with NASA, but Michigamua is irrelevant in relation to Phoenix today.

With your website, you have the power to do much good by educating fellow students about things that other media outlets may not address. I commend you for your courage to do so. However, along with that power comes a responsibility for accuracy and integrity. I feel that you have compromised both in much of what you wrote regarding Phoenix. I hope that you make an effort to convey the truth, and if you don’t know what that may be, honesty is
the best policy: say so.”

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Wednesday, March 31st, 2004

Michigamua Confronted During Initiation Week Rituals

What began as a leaked tidbit of information about the meeting time of Michigamua, Michigan’s most controversial secret honor society, ended yesterday night with nearly a dozen student activists confronting Michigamua members about their organization’s extensive history of abusing Native American culture.

Using cellular phones and a tip that Michigamua members would be meeting in the Law Quad at 7:00 PM, members of the Native American Student Association and their allies embarked on what devolved for some into a wild-goose chase through the evening’s cold drizzle.

After seeing that 7pm meeting had in fact occurred, NASA members quickly alerted friends that Michigamua was on campus, apparently conducting activities as part of their initiation week for new members. An open discussion began between when NASA members encountered Michigamua inductees congregating at the Tappan Oak, a large oak tree located between Haven Hall and the Graduate library which has historically served as a meeting point for this campus “leadership” organization.

Confused Michigamua members stood awkwardly nearby before conferring on cellular phones and apparently agreeing to meet elsewhere. Of the roughly dozen student activists present, some were surprised to discover friends and acquaintances among the group’s new members.

Meanwhile, another “secret” campus organization had activities planned for the evening, although they might prefer to be called “anonymous.” First, some history - rewind to 2000, shortly after the 37-day sit-in which evicted Michigamua from their Michigan Union headquarters, and revealed they had been flagrantly disobeying a 1989 agreement about use of Native American references and artifacts.

Phoenix Members Visit Allegedly Closed Tower

“Consistent with the principles of fairness and access expressed in the panel s recommendations,” [Former University President Lee C.] Bollinger said in a letter to students in the affected organization, “I have decided that it is not appropriate to continue any special tenancy in the [Michigan Union] tower space for Michigamua, Phoenix and Vulcan.” …

Bollinger said the tower space is in need of renovation to conform to safety standards and regulations regarding access for the disabled. A decision about what to do with the space will be made after considering the cost of these renovations and other issues. … “ (Record: “Three student groups to be relocated”)

It was on these terms that President Bolliger evicted the “Tower Societies” from their tower, although not heisitating to provide official University office space for two years, but saying that “If they choose to apply for office and meeting space after this transitional period, they will do so as part of the general process of student space allocation.” Bollinger had acceped the reccomendations of a panel which was charged with a thorough review of allocation of office space to student groups, and who had decided every organization must apply for space every two years.

Members of the Student of Color Coalition, who had occupied the Michigan Union tower for over 30 days cried foul, alleging the allocation of office space was periphial of the central issue: the University administration’s long and deep involvement with an elitist organization founded on an ideology fundamentally offensive to minority culture students. However, it appeared that whatever the justification given, the tower space would at least be made inaccessable to all organizations equally.

Tonight, however, that decision of Lee Bollinger was apparently overturned or broken as the current inductees to the Phoenix honor society held a meeting in the space of their former headquarters in the Michigan Union.

Three independent sources have confirmed new members were told they would visit the tower, and an eyewitness even spotted new Phoenix members, whose names were recently published on this website, entering the elevators in the lobby of the Michigan Union to travel to the 4th floor, where they would climb the stairs to the tower.

The timing of this stunning hypocricy on the part of University administrators couldn’t be more opportune for the opponents of recent budget cuts at a variety of student services offices. In 2000, after the conclusion of the tower occupation, the University fired an employee of the Office of Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs named Shannon Martin, allegedly for “embezzlement,” although student activists suspected it was because she was openly sympathetic and supportive of the Students of Color Coalition. At the time, the recently appointed Vice President for Student Affairs E. Royster Harper personally testified in the jury trial of Ms. Martin, although the jury would aquit Martin of all charges. (See a 10/01 letter to the Daily about Martin)

Since 2000, rumours that Royster Harper had close ties with the campus’s secret honor societies have persisted. In recent weeks, student activists drawing from a wide variety of campus communities have rallied behind an effort to reverse deep cuts in already tiny support offices, identifiying Vice President Harper as the one ultimately responsible for their plight. The group’s signature yellow t-shirts read, “Royster Cut Student Services … and all I got was this Lousy T-Shirt.”

This monday, Royster Harper participated in an unproductive negotiating session between these student leaders and University administrators.

Yesterday, Royster either failed to fulfil her charge to impliment the office space allocation policy decided on by President Bollinger and the panel he had appointed, or she decided to disobey its directive completely.

It is fully within the University’s power to seal the Tower from all student organizations. If that is what they intend to do, they should do it. However, if Phoenix is allowed to hold meetings in the tower, every student organization must also be afforded the privlidge. To do otherwise would be to revert to their policies before 2000, where select elite campus organizations can on occassion don headdresses, smoke a “peace pipe,” in their “wigwam,” decorated with birchbark and a moose’s head high atop the Michigan Union.

Last time I checked such racist and sophmoric antics have thoroughly passed out of vogue. Also, NASA has recently learned Michigamua membership is included on official university transcripts - a practice which should be abolished. The University should sever any remaining ties with the organization, including requiring its employees to renounce their membership as a condition of employment, and convert the tower into some purpose open to all students.

Read more:
> My Michigamua / Phoenix Page
> Detroit News: “Protesters call secret group’s rituals offensive”
> U Toronto Student Paper: “Secret society conquered in Ann Arbor”
> Daily: “Michigan minority student group to end 37-day occupation of student union”
> Statement from the Native American Community, February 2000
> Michigan Today: “Michigamua Protest Ends”

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Tuesday, March 30th, 2004

Phoenix Classes of 2004 and 2005

Here’s some information I was able to get about Phoenix, one of the other “Tower Societies” that used to be all female until both it and Michigamua went co-ed in the 1990s. I’ve heard “4 to 5″ people turned down “taps” for the 2005 class, and their names are not included here. This list might not reflect members who decided to quit the organization, as occasionally happens. Also, to my knowledge, Phoenix does not bastardize Native American culture as Michigamua has. The Phoenix classes of 2001 through 2003 are listed at the bottom of my Michigamua page. If you have any reason to believe this information is inaccurate, please send me an email or leave an anonymous comment, and I will be sure to investigate and make corrections, in necessary. I’m still working on Michigamua for last year and this year, and I would also be interested in information about Vulcan.

Phoenix Class of 2004

Name Activities

Touseef Akram Bhatti Multicultural Greek Council, Alpha Iota Omicron
Mara Cazers Garden Club
Scott Davison Football Equipment Manager
Jake Fox Baseball
Joseph Gallitano
Jenny Gerteisen Circle K, Girls on the Run
Tom Gritter Men’s Soccer
Ameil Herrera MSA, Sigma Nu, Phi Sigma Pi
Mark Hodges Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi
Matt Kochanek Dance Marathon, Circle K, Mortar Board
Courtney Lewis Daily (sports staff)
Adam Maczik Marching Band, Fencing Club
Erica Margolius Michiganensian, K-Grams Bookmark
Matt McKee Marching Band, Golden Key
Jen Miller Outdoor Adventures, SGA
Deepa Patel Circle K, SAVE, Mortar Board
Christin Plunkett Women’s Crew, Campus Crusade
Jenny Putvin Michiganensian
Bharat Sharma Alpha Iota Omicron
Megan Wilbur Dance Marathon, College Democrats
Kate Woolley APO, M-Flicks, Detroit Project
Malinda Matney (Honorary/Faculty Member)

Phoenix Class of 2005

Matt Burrows (Faculty/Alum)
Megan Bonde
Mike Penn
Colin Daly (Daily cartoonist)
Ruchi Talati
Priya Pai
Josh Holman
Ryan Shinska
Jarrod Wood
Melissa Mariola
Tony Ding (Daily Photographer)
Jasmine Singh
Melissa Hough
Julia Power
Steve Kren
George Kiwada
Kim Smith
Heidi Gilbert
Quynh-Nhu Vu
BreAnne McPhilamy
Evan Demko
Brittany Galisdorfer
Leah Ketcheson
Justine Silver
Rachel Chapin

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Michigamua “Pride” of 1999:

Andrew D. Berenzweig
Andrew R. Potts
Bobby L. Scales II
Christopher W. Bunt
Cory J. Fryling
Delano M. White
Don M. Chamberlin IV
Dwane Q. Fuqua
Erik W. Ranka
Evan M. Meyers
Frank J. Lodeserto
Gerald B. Olivari
Gregory R. Daddario
Jeffrey Smokevitch
Jonathan W. Jansen
Joseph C. Taylor
Manuel F. Munguia
Michael C. Fair
Pinkey L. Oliver
Rahul M. Shah
Robert D. Hayes
Ryan D. Freidrichs
Spencer F. Preis
Thomas A. Malchow

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Wednesday, March 10th, 2004

Tappan Oak Vandalized

The Tappan Oak, a large oak tree located between Haven Hall and the Graduate Library and traditional location of the annual Michigamua induction ritual has been vandalized, apparently as a protest to that organization’s continued presence on campus. According to the Ann Arbor News, some suspects have been interviewed, but no charges have been filed. Until a few years ago, the oak was marked with a plaque with the Michigamua name, not unlike the small “Vulcan” plaque near the engineering arch. The marker was removed after student protest, although a small plaque near the side door of the Union identifies that area and its small fountain as “Michigamua Plaza.”

” Tappan Oak Tree on Diag vandalized

University of Michigan police questioned five people early today after they were seen painting the Tappan Oak Tree on the Diag, officials said.

Officers responded to the Diag about 12:30 a.m. and found the base of the tree painted black, said Lt. Robert Neumann. The five people were found nearby and questioned but not arrested. The incident remains under investigation.

Officers determined the vandals used non-water-soluble paint and referred the matter to the U-M Grounds Department for cleanup. No damage estimates were available this morning, Neumann said.

The Tappan Oak tree is a prominent fixture in the Diag located between Tappan and Mason halls.

From News staff reports” (Source)

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Thursday, March 4th, 2004

Michigamua History

Here’s some anonymous historical commentary on Michigamua I received:

“Now a few years removed from Ann Arbor and from the 2000 Michigamua tower occupation, I look back and have to laugh at the state of Michigamua. Sure, the multi-week occupation gave the organization and the University a black eye, but even more so, exposed what a sorry state the student elite of the University community was and, I’m afraid still is. And I’m sure that the community of the student elite will continue to languish, whither and perhaps die on the Michigamua vine.

I don’t claim to be a Michigamua historian, but I have a unique perspective on the whole matter. I first saw the inside of the Michigamua tower way back around 1993 or ‘94, when I was a freshmen in high school oddly enough. I was given a tour by a Michigamua member who was dating my sister, who in her words “was trying to impress” us by having keys to the tower. While he was giving us a tour, I remember that he said something to the effect of: “Yeah, ‘Gama used to do stuff. All we do are service projects now. I guess that’s cool.” Deep thoughts, aint it?

I of course was too young to really understand the symbolism of the artifacts in the tower space. I guess I thought it was cool to be part of a secret society. You at least got a cool view of State Street.

Later on, my sister told me about witnessing a Michigamua initiation ceremony/banquet at some decrepit suburban hotel, where there were all sorts of cheesy initiation phrases, ridiculous nicknames, etc. “Onward Lone Wolf! Welcome to the brotherhood.” or something ridiculous like that. But the food was horrid. My sister said that for an elite society, they could have at least had some decent food. It was a let down I guess. For the student elite, hand-picked from the leading Greek organizations, student groups, etc., it was telltale sign that the organization wasn’t all that elite.

If I remember correctly, it was a long standing tradition for Michigama to tap the top editors at the Daily. But then sometime in the late 1990s, even the Daily started to wisen up. While I’m not sure of the whole story, a top Daily sports editor (who now works for a top metropolitan daily) had to resign over something Gama related. The top management at the Daily realized the being part of Gama was a major conflict of interest and it became unofficial policy at the management desk that if you were at the Daily, the tower was off limits. (In the wake of the tower occupation, the Daily editors fired a reporter for dating a high-profile Michigamua member.) As it was told to me by an editor at the time, Michigamua was becoming a pathetic organization, that didn’t do anything, and had a more-than-suspicious past. It was a recipe for public relations disaster: Do-nothing student leaders dressing up in headdresses (or what ever they did in the tower) getting drunk and calling eachother insensitive or stupid nicknames. Fortunately for the Daily, the editors abandoned the organization before the fallout. Some Michigan Student Assembly executives, of course didn’t, only to meet the wrath of an incensed student body at public meetings. They found out the hard way that getting yelled at by a more-than-normally-agitated Jessica Curtin was a bad thing.

So when lists of Michigamua members were released and more details about the organization became known, the true picture of the University’s secret student elite came into focus. So how do you put together a Michigamua class, or for Phoenix for that matter? First, find student leaders from warm and cuddly community service projects (Detroit Project, K Grams, etc.). Second, add some well-rounded athletes, preferably from some second- and third-tier sports. Third, find your racial and religious diversity. Fourth: How about some MSA people? They’re always upstanding and fun to be around. Fifth, mix any random stragglers that somehow got accepted to Eunice Royster Harper’s LeaderShape program. But wait, we’re an elite organization, we need some exclusivity! How ’bout the Greek system? They seem to know a bit about initiations and social exclusionary tactics. Let’s get some one from the Pan-Hellenic board. Bam, we have the University’s student elite! Boy, that was easy.

So what does a secret society do besides sit in a room being secret and exclusive? They already represent a wide variety of student activities, so they can’t duplicate their campus efforts through their coordinating “pow wows.” So they do something that cuts across campus. What about a huge community service project that raises money for a good cause? Sounds great. Some other universities are doing Dance Marathon, why isn’t U-M? That sounds like a great idea! Bam! Now they’re raising a lot of money for childhood cancer.

I’m sorry if I sound like I’m disparaging community service projects. That is not my intent. They are worthwhile. But for a legendary organization that got Crisler Arena and the Union built, a simple fundraising event seems to demean the existence of an organization that has done quite a bit for the University historically … sans its insensitivities of its name, customs, etc.

When I look at the lists of people who are/have been in the secret societies the past few years, I snarl at their fusion in an exclusive society. I know a lot of them, and they are good people. They mean well, but many are just a bit too vaccuous to avoid tripping over their good intentions to actaully live up to Michigamua’s goal of building a better University. There are greater issues facing the student community that the exclusive coalition of student leaders could be working on. We can only hope that they can build greater than they are. In the meantime, hundreds of other student leaders who aren’t in the special club are pushing to make their corner of campus better for everyone else. Imagine if Michigamua could actually secretly coordinate everyone’s efforts for the greater good (Of course, putting its troublesome past in a dusty closet in the annals of University history would be a good first step …I’m afraid changing the name to “Michigamua: New Traditions for a New Millenium” isn’t going to cut it.)

(In a semi-related note, when Bush and Kerry debate later this year, if a journalist asks a question about Skull and Bones and one of them begins to answer, they both have to walk off stage, according to tradition, orso I’ve heard. Now there’s a secret society. Barb the Younger didn’t get in though.)”

> Who’s in Michigamua?

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Wednesday, March 3rd, 2004

It’s Michigamua Tapping Season

Yes, it’s Michigamua tapping season:

“Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004 03:26:40 -0500
From: Nickole Fox foxn at
Subject: say NO to Michigamua’s tap


After creating beautiful powwow diag boards until 2am tonight, a group of dedicated NASA members were about to venture home. However, we were caught off guard by a suspicious group of students gathering near the fountain in Michigamua Plaza (outside the union), appearing to hide something. These students muttered “its NASA” and “ooo…the Chief.” While we are not certain of their affiliations on campus, it was clear they didn t want to be around us and it reminded me of what time of year it is: Michigamua recruiting time.

If you do not know, Michigamua has a long history of degrading Native American Culture. They would wear loin clothes, paint themselves red and give each other suto-indian names and use language of a broken English sort, like “me like um squaw.” They have been pictured in the yearbook smoking a pipe, with beers in hand, on the presidents lawn. While these examples are wrong on many levels, I encourage each person who receives this email to educate yourself about this organization. I know it can be hard to understand some issues concerning Native people, so to help you understand…if there is anything that confuses you, think about the action if it was against another group of people. Think about blackface, think about the KKK…

What I am asking of you is to
1) if you are a junior, and they want you to join, say no, no matter how much the connections will benefit you. If you are interested in the community service aspect of the org, join another group that does community service, there are a ton of them, and if you need help finding one, I will gladly help.

2) If you are a current member: get out. its not worth it. the group may or may not have changed their practices (they said they would change in the 70’s, again in writing in 89 and didnt!) but the history they carry in the name is not worth your time. Imagine if the KKK decided one day to not be a racist organization any longer….would KKK still mean the same thing to the people it hurt? yes. Would you then join the KKK? Please know the history and know that you are a part of an organization that was founded on hatred, do you really want to be associated with that?

3) if you are alum of gamua: see #2

4) if you don t fit any of the above, educate yourself, and everyone you know.

Here are some links:

Sorry if you receive this email multiple times. I just think this is something
everyone needs to know about, especially University students, alumni, faculty,
and staff.

Hoping for social justice,
Nickole Fox

Nickole Fox
University of Michigan
Co-chair-Native American Student Association
Sociology & Native Studies B.A. student


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Saturday, January 10th, 2004

Michigamua On Union History Page

“Fight Like Hell for Michigan and Michigamua!"*

And remember to wear your headdress! An observant reader points out this quote, on the front of the Michigan Union 100th Anniversary website:

“At the end of my junior year at Michigan I was inducted into Michigamua, the Senior honorary society. Part of the induction ceremony took place in the middle of the diag where the senior class performed the induction ceremony which included a certain amount of good nature “hazing” of the new inductees. At the conclusion of the cermonies in the middle of the diag, the new inductees were lead by rope, duck walking to the Michigan Union where we continued “duck walking” (squatting while walking) up the stairs to the Michigamua room. The memory of that walk (and the burning of the quads) will forever remain with me as an integral part of the Michigamua experience.

Peter M. Cornell, 1969″

It might be history, but I think another quote on the front page might be more appropriate since Michigamua’s past role at the University is offensive to some students and departments.

On campus, who’s a member of Michigamua? I’m glad you asked - here’s the “Pride” of 2003. Email addresses are

Eric Bukstein ebukstei
Sara Gall gallc
Janessa Grieco jgrieco
Steph Johnson sljz
Brian Netter bnetter
Monica Rose roseml
John Shouneyia houneyi
Pat Owen patowen
Lavelle Blanchard
Tyler Atkins tatkins
Tom Church tchurch
Anita Gupta apgupta
Petra Juzwishin petramj
Rebecca Kramer rkramer
Jed Ortmeyer jortmeye
John Spytek jspytek

(* A Michigamua saying, used to sign correspondence)

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Wednesday, December 3rd, 2003

“Michigamua Bashed …”

” … [Melissa Lopez] Pope said she and others have stepped forward over the years to protest the group s stereotypical use of drums, loincloths, headdresses and the taking on of “Indian names.”

Native American students and Michigamua members have gone to the negotiating table multiple times to discuss these improprieties, Pope said, but Michigamua violated agreements. While she said they no longer hold offensive initiation rituals on the Diag, issues such as the name of the group still remain.

“It got to a point where it was made very clear that what they would never give up was their name,” she said, referring to past conversations with members of Michigamua. Many Native Americans see the group s name as disrespectful and as just another “pseudo-relation” to the culture, Pope said.

She said she was committed to trying to change the environment for future Native American students, and to increasing the Native American presence on campus.

Discussion between audience members arose following her speech passionate words from students opposed to Michagamua as well as from three Michigamua members, who said they attended the event out of curiosity and interest.

Confronted with accusations about his group, LSA senior and Michigamua member Sean Carmody stood up in the back of the Angell Hall auditorium to voice his opinion.

“We’re here for one thing, to fight like hell for Michigan through Michigamua. It s about us working together through our organizations to improve this University to the best of our ability,” he said.

While Carmody recognized that there are some people who are still upset with past events, he said the organization looks to the future while remembering its history.

“I just want it to come across, the truth, that we re not a racist organization,” he said. “We don t want this stigma to be a part of our organization 20 years from now.”

Another Michigamua member, who would not give his name, told the crowd of more than 50 people that Michigamua practices have changed. While he doesn t feel the group s name should change, he said Michigamua is involved in a different kind of pursuit.

“I don t dismiss what happened but I am taking the stance that this happened and that things have changed,” he said. “We’re moving in a different direction, and I want to be part of that moving in a different direction, I want to be part of that movement.” … “

> Daily: “Secret society bashed for use of Native American traditions”
> Michigamua Information Page

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Monday, November 17th, 2003

Michigamua Members

Michigamua Update

I have received anonymously a list of names of of Michigamua members I had not included in my directory of members. Before I add these people to my permanent page, I’m posting them here. I encourage anyone who thinks this data may not be accurate to contact me at rob(at) I’ve also added a photo to the Michigamua page, and am working on a project to post every member in that organization’s 101-year history, minus the class selected last spring, or the “Pride of 2004,” which I believe to be forthcoming.

PRIDE OF 2003:
Tyler Atkins - Dance Marathon - tatkins
LaVell Blanchard - Men’s Basketball - blanchar
Tom Church - Army ROTC - tchurch
Anita Gupta - University Students Against Cancer - apgupta
Petra Juzwishin - Women’s Crew - petramj
Rebecca Kramer - President UM Engineering Council - rkramer
Jed Ortmeyer - Men’s Ice Hockey -jortmeye
John Spytek - Football - jspytek

PRIDE OF 2002:
Jeff Hopwood - Men’s Swimming - jhopwood
Quentin Love - BGA, NSBE - qlove
Joe Young - Baseball -jfyoung

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Tuesday, October 14th, 2003

Proud to be a Wolverine? This talk sounds interesting:

“Charlene Teters, from the documentary “In Whose Honor?", will be speaking on Friday October 17th, at 7:30 in the Wolverine room in the Michigan Union.

Charlene Teters (Spokane), provoked by racial and social injustices endured by American Indians, has served as a lightning rod for change. Her work has led to progress in the United States and Canada. In Central America her words and thoughts are being repeated by Indian peoples involved in their own struggles for human rights.

Charlene Teters is a founding Board Member of the National Coalition on Racism in Sports and the Media, an artist, activist, and lecturer. She challenges the inappropriate use of American Indian images, culture and spiritual life ways by schools, scholars, museums, corporations, and media. In 1988 she and her artwork became politicized at The University of Illinois, a school that uses as their mascot the image of a fantasy “Chief.” The history of Charlene’s work is the subject of a nationally aired award winning documentary “In Whose Honor?” by Jay Rosenstein. She continues to expose deeply ingrained perceptions, stereotypes and racism aimed at American Indians through her multimedia art installations, writings and lectures.

Sponsored by the Native American Student Association, Native American Studies, The Exhibit museum of natural history, and the Office of Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs.”

> Read up on Michigamua here, and check out these scans from the archive, and why this matters.

Here’s what I want to know: why did the Facilities Director of the Michigan Union Audrey Schwimmer join Michigamua - in 2000?

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Monday, October 6th, 2003

Michigamua Map

Random file of the day: A map to the Michigamua “Stomping Grounds,” a property outside Ann Arbor used by that organization for gatherings.

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Friday, May 30th, 2003

University Holding Artifacts at Willow Run

Although it’s not news, I just discovered an interesting tidbit. According to the minutes of a meeting between the Native American Student Association and VP for ‘Student’ Affairs Royster Harper, the University is holding the Michigamua artifacts which rightfully belong in the Bentley Historical Library at property they own at Willow Run. If they really wanted to get it off campus, they could probubly put it in the basement of the U-M owned, abandoned building across the street from the DIA - the Rackham Educational Memorial.

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