The Planada Apartment Building was demolished by the University of Michigan on the week of October 19, 2003. Click here to view a photo of the site soon after demolition.

Save the Planada Apartments

Images of the Planada building

1127 East Ann

In July 2002, the University of Michigan purchased the Planada Apartment Building located at 1127 East Ann Street. The building, already surrounded on all sides by University parking lots, is the latest victim of the University's buying campaign on the Medical Campus. In order to make room for megalithic new buildings, the University has purchased and bulldozed a number of homes, apartment buildings, and small businesses in the area.

Although some change is necessary to support the growth of the University, the purchase of the Planada building  threatens to destroy not only a unique building, but also a pleasant, walkable hill area. While the University's urban planning experts advocate mixed-use cities, university planners are slowly transforming this section of Ann Arbor into a Bladerunner landscape of huge buildings, and equally huge parking garages.

Ironically, the Planada building is located one block away from Zina Pitcher Drive, the street named after the former U-M Regent and Detroit Mayor who helped found the U-M Medical school, and just down the street from the 1854 Detroit Observatory, a building which was nearly destroyed before University historians and preservationists intervened. The Detroit Observatory was one of the first University-operated scientific research facilities in North America.

Saving the Planada Apartments, or at least incorporating some of its architectural elements into a new residence hall, would preserve the livability and sense of history of the hill area. If you are interested in helping in my efforts, please email

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[ July 2002 Regents Minutes ]

1121 and 1127 East Ann Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan
On a motion by Regent Maynard, seconded by Regent Brandon, the Regents unani-mously
authorized purchase of the properties at 1121 and 1127 East Ann Street at the negotiated
price of $2.49 million, subject to the University’s satisfaction with the terms of the sale, includ-ing
environmental condition of the site and additional due diligence. Land procurement funds
will be used to complete the purchase.

[ July 22, 2002 - University Record 'Regents Roundup']

Apartment purchase approved
Approval also was granted to purchase the Planada Apartments on East Ann Street from the Draprop Corp. for just under $2.5 million. The existing tenants in the 26 apartments will be allowed to complete their leases. University-owned property surrounds the two parcels, including the soon-to-be-constructed Biomedical Science Research Building across the street.

[February 11, 2003 - Michigan Daily Letter to the Editor ]

Historic building deserves 'Revival,' could serve as student housing

To the Daily:

I read with interest the Daily's editorial (Housing hold-up, 02/07/03) regarding the lack of new residence halls on campus. Right now the University is planning to demolish the historic Planada Apt. building at 1127 E. Ann St., which could be easily converted into student housing. This 1929 building, designed in an interesting Spanish Revival style, was a historically-protected building until it was purchased by the University last year.

Now it seems to merely be in the way. It would be great if students rallied to save this building as a potential new residence hall. The University has too long neglected the housing needs of the students and this would be a wonderful opportunity for everyone.

Susan Wineberg

University Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations

Construction of the Biomedical Science Research Building

Images of the Planada building