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Michigamua Class of 1966

Class of 1966 Photo Taken during "Rope Day," the last day of Michigamua's "Longest Week" of initiation rituals.
The new inductees are seated. Note the use of feathers and headresses. This image was found in a Michigamua Publication found in the Bentley Historical Library.

 Photos of objects found in the Michigamua Wigwam - that organization's office spaqe at the top of the Michigan Union Tower - taken during the Students of Color Coalition occupaiton Winter term 2000.

Figurines found in the tower.

This inscription, around the top of the walls inside the Wigwam, is a poem that according to a 1997 member directory, "This poem is taught to Young Bucks by members of the Pride during Longest Week. It is representative of Michigamua's philosophy that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts." The poem reads:

The Law of the Jungle

Now this is the Law of the Jungle,
As Old and as True as the Sky
And the Wolve that Shall Keep it may Prosper,
But the Wolve that Shall Break it must Die
As the Creeper that Girdles the Tree Trunk,
The Law runneth Forward and Back
For the Strength of the Pack is the Wolve,
ANd the Strength of the Wolve is the Pack.

Fielding Yost, an early athletic director for whom Yost Ice Arena was named, was an early honorary member of Michigamua. See the end of this file for a list of honorary members.

Members of the SCC in the tower in 2000.

More photos from Rope Day in 1966. The text is a good example of the bastardized form of english used in all official publications between 1904 and sometime in the 1980s.

This small plaque located near the fountain at the North Entrance to the Michigan reads: "Construction of this Plaza was made possible through the generosity of the members and alumni of Michigamua the Senior Honorary Society."

More photos located here


      Honorary Sachems and Angells

This list of "Honorary Sachems and Angells" is found in the 1997 Michigamua member directory. The first names are omitted and replaced with the name adopted by each upon membership of the society. The list includes many notable Presidents, Regents, and Professors at the University, including History Professor Emeritus Sidney Fine.

            Page 3
            1904    Heap Think Wenley*
            1904    Great Heart Adams*
            1904    Man of Many Friends Allen*
            1907    Friendly Chief Cooley*
            1910    Sinew Maker Fitzpatrick*
            1913    Battle Finder Bartelme*
            1916    Great Builder Bates*
            1920    Canoe Builder Sadler*
            1920    Wise Chief Hutchins*
            1922    Great Scalper Yost*
            1928    Legend Keeper Frayer*
            1930    Council Pleader Sunderland*
            1931    Peace Maker Ruthven*
            1932    Friendly Word Campbell*
            1932    Wise Counselor Anderson*
            1933    Big Tell Aigler*
            1934    Big Bear Osborne*
            1935    Many Councils Tapping*
            1935    Read'Um Birchbark Strauss*
            1935    Warrior Builder Hoyt*
            1937    Battle Chaser Matthaei*
            1938    Bell Cow Murfin*
            1940    Long Trail Duffy*
            1949    Much Michigan Mann*
            1949    Man of Many Nephews Bursley*
            1953    Wise Warrior Crisler*
            1953    Friendly Fox Fisher*
            1955    Brave Builder Keen*
            1957    Great South Wind Niehuss
            1959    Great Counselor Robertson
            1962    White Eagle Hatcher
            1966    Great Scholar Heyns
            1967    Battle Counselor Plant*
            1970    Tumbling Chief Loken
            1970    Whooping Warrior Weber*
            1971    Chief of Music Revelli*
            1974    Sachem Seeker Vogt*
            1977    Wampum Wizard Pierpont
            1977    Warrior Mender Paddock*
            1977    More Councils Forman
            1979    Silver Feathers Fleming
            1983    Last in Row Renfrew
            1983    Big Ten Wrecker Schcmbechler
            1983    Conduct'Um Victors Cavender
            1988    Campus Keeper Weidenbach
            1988    None Coach'Um Wiser Eisner
            1996    Teaches So Fine

            page 4
            1902      Pontiac Dewey*
            1903      Chief Pipe Hitter Van Benschoten*
            1904      Setting Sun Roberts*
            1905      Tom-Tom Beater Hunt*
            1906      Big Injun Me Allen*
            1907      Husky Chief Curtis*
            1908      Deer Eyes Campbell*
            1909      Gimmedance Watkins*
            1910      Big Speak Good*
            1911      Flat Nose Haskins*
            1912      Moonbeam Chaser Watkins*
            1913      Smoke Maker Wilson*
            1914      Medicine Face Haller*
            1915      Birch Top Baxter*
            1916      Lazy Tongue McKinney*
            1917      Dancing Ox Mack*
            1918      Thunder Brow Fisher*
            1919      Heap Locks Lambert*
            1920      Wag'Um Tongue Hogan*
            1921      Lean Jaw Waterbury*
            1922      Possum Belly Frye*
            1923      Pelican Beak Underwood*
            1924      Sober Owl Boyer*
            1925      Knotty Beak Dunne*
            1926      Grinning Bear Finn*
            1927      Moose Eye Glover*
            1928      Shake'Um Paw Grinnell
            1929      Moon Eye Miller*
            1930      Coon Face Jordan
            1931      Horse Neck Taylor
            1932      Trembling Tail Kline*
            1933      Buzzard Beak McKay*
            1934      Fish Gut Cristy*
            1935      Wild Quill Healey*
            1936      Game Caller Cawley*
            1937      Laughing Dog Dannemiller*
            1938      Smoking Bear Luby*
            1939      Jay Pee Morgan
            1940      Sleepy Rumble Adams
            1941      Singing Strings Tobin
            1942      Damn Close Call*
            1943      Cry'Um Out Loud
            1944      Got'Um Spark Crawford
            1947      Little Battle Chaser Matthaei
            1948      Whatta Handle Sikorovsky
            1949      Up'Um River Jordan*
            1950      Fat Crow Coenen

            page 5
            1951      Roast'Um Rump Saxon
            1952      Lighting Hold Holcombe*
            1953      Guard'Em Bucket Brunsting
            1954      Heap Wiser Balzhiser
            1955      Run'Um Around Baer
            1956      Whispering Wolf Weinbaum
            1957      Thundering Throat Trost
            1958      Man of Many Tongues Trost
            1959      Stroke'Um Breast Hopkins
            1960      Be'Um Lily White
            1961      Drooping Feathers Feldkamp
            1962      Hatchet Nose Peterson
            1963      Staggering Stag Stockmeyer
            1964      Horned Owl McKenzie
            1965      Trail Chief Idema*
            1966      Be'Um Who Rea
            1967      Rush'Um Many Van House
            1968      Bounce'Um Board Brown
            1969      Grinnig Beak Goldberg
            1970      Be'Um Handi Rapper
            1971      Nimble Mule Newell
            1972      Gitchey Gooracy Gusich
            1973      Ragged Rider Ritzman
            1974      Flip Turn Fishburn
            1975      Shoot'Um Par McParlan
            1976      Jock Doc Lewis
            1977      Man Of Steel O'Neal
            1978      King Kong Kenn
            1979      Stutter Step Johnson
            1980      Bag'Em Beaver Braman
            1981      Walk'Um With Waddle Wangler
            1982      On Catches Place'Um No Betts
            1983      Chasin' Sanborn
            1984      Hatchet Head Hewlett
            1985      Sink'Um Fleet Sweet
            1986      Try To Beat'Um But Gant
            1987      Sticky Paws Higgins
            1988      Land'Um In Front Row Stoyko
            1989      Always Beat'Um Notre Dames
            1990      Fish'Um Puck Out of Net Sharples
            1991      Tough as a Smurf Murphy
            1992      Ho Ho Ho Pinto
            1993      None Tapped Faster Lemasler
            1994      Yabba Dabba Dooa Milia
            1995      Hey Kid, Give Me My Balbach
            1996      Do Re Me Fa So La Laliberte
            1997      Wishin' I Could Make the Ladies Howl Powell

            * Deceased