As you likely know, Wolverine Access has been down since sometime yesterday. This email seems to indicate the problem won’t be resolved anytime soon:

“This message has been sent to Wolverine Access Teaching Support users.

As you may be aware, Wolverine Access is experiencing technical difficulties that are resulting in extremely slow response time and/or unavailability. MAIS is investigating the problem and working to solve it, but as of 4:00 p.m. January 6, 2004, there is not an estimated resolution time. All Wolverine Access Users, which include faculty, staff and students, may find it difficult to use the system to complete their work.

The beginning of a term is always a time of heavy system usage; the peak period during which students drop and add classes is underway. We ask that you help by refraining from non-essential Wolverine Access work until the system difficulties are resolved. … ”

Author: Rob