Borders Strike Officially Over

The striking Borders employees have approved the contract negotiated between the Union and Borders, Inc. Although the contract doesn’t institute a living wage, it increases the starting wage, removes the disliked pay cap for longtime employees, and provides for some employee input in the operations of the store, all significant concessions:

“The agreement raises starting wages for hourly employees by twenty-five cents. Previously, sellers earned $7.00 per hour and beginning cashiers were paid $6.75 per hour.

The contract also removes a wage cap from veteran employees. The cap on wages had halted pay raises for senior employees after they had served a certain amount of time at the bookstore. Now, wages will increase by 3 percent or more for hourly workers.

Fifteen of the 43 non-salaried employees went on strike after negotiations failed Nov. 8.

Both sides reached a tentative agreement and 20 out of 32 employees voted to ratify it.

In addition to addressing pay issues, the approved agreement also creates a management labor committee.

The committee will provide a forum for hourly workers and members of Borders to discuss ways to improve the store.”

With this agreement the Ann Arbor Downtown Borders becomes the first unionized Borders in the country to negotiate a contract with management: congratulations!

> Daily: “Workers vote to accept new Borders deal”

Author: Rob