The entertainment channel Fox News is reporting Dick Gephardt has a less than perfect record on what they term “minority issues,” according to this story I was sent by a friend involved with the Kerry campaign:

“Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Dick Gephardt told Fox News on Sunday that it was a mistake to have attended a picnic in 1980 sponsored by a white rights group with loose ties to the Ku Klux Klan but that he did not know their true politics.

In 1971 when Dick Gephardt, D-Mo., was a conservative pro-life Democratic alderman from St. Louis he was a leader in the fight against busing to integrate St. Louis schools. Throughout the early ’70s public records and published reports obtained by Fox News indicate that Gephardt also opposed a low-income minority housing development in downtown St. Louis and several other initiatives designed to advance minority issues. … “

> From Fox News: “Gephardt Admits Mistake on Race Issues in ’70s”

Author: Rob