The developer recruited by the city to re-open the majestic downtown Detroit Book-Cadillac Hotel has pulled out of the project, although “Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick said he was confident the city would have a deal with another developer by next week.” I fear the project won’t happen: the city will spend millions conducting “interior demolition” and secretly negotiating with developers, and then will act surprised when no developer wants to touch the project, and the building, stripped of any historic architectural features, will finally be razed for “Luxor: Detroit” which will actually be a “temporary” casino adjacent to a 3,000-space parking garage connected directly to the lodge with a multi-million dollar tunnel paid for by state and federal tax dollars.

Also, here’s an excerpt from a story about the creation of “Citizens for a United Michigan,” whose website is

“It is critical that the leaders of tomorrow have an opportunity to learn to work together, to appreciate each other and to better understand the tapestry of race, culture and gender,” he said. “If the ballot proposal is successful, it will be far more difficult for our young people to gain the experience and understanding of diversity at our great universities.”

> AP: “Opponents of a petition drive to ban racial preferences announce efforts”

Author: Rob