It’s budget cuts season! Last time, that meant the closing of the Residential Hall libraries (remember those?), the closing of the woodshop, the elimination of the Major Events Office, among many other cuts. Something tells me this round might be similar in its scope and impact on students. Here’s an idea: why doesn’t Mary Sue Coleman and the other administrators take a voluntary pay cut, like Governor Granholm and other state leaders have?

“Hey everyone,

As you are aware the University is begining a round of serious Budget Cuts. In the past few years nearly $750,000 has been cut from Student Affairs and it looks like Student Affairs will take a significant hit again. This affects the essential programs that service students outside of the classroom.

What’s worse is that just like the Greek stuff going on right now students are no where in the process…

Pierce and I are going to facilitate a meeting THURSDAY to talk about a response to these cuts and to the fact that no students are being allowed to participate in the process.

Hope many of you can make it – this is the real meat of our jobs!!

P&J office”
(The Peace and Justice Commission office is inside the offices of the Michigan Student Assembly)

Author: Rob