The city of Ann Arbor is planning to conduct a comprehensive study of non-motorized transit in the city, with the goal of “friendlier streets for bicycles and pedestrians.” I’m excited about the study, and I’m glad they’re involving the public instead of hiring an expensive consulting firm: who better to give the city feedback than current residents.

“Given the city’s budget constraints, the plan will present realistic goals that “try to do a lot that doesn’t cost a whole lot,” Cox said. The project will include an assessment of roads and other non-motorized facilities in the city, public input sessions and production of the plan. Public input is important to the plan, Cox said.

“If someone bikes or walks a place every day, they may see things that a consultant does not see,” he said.”

> AANews: “Foot and bicycle traffic studied”

Also, the founder of Blimpy Burger, “Crazy Jim” has died at age 79.

Author: Rob