What’s that filling your email inbox? That’s right, it’s the MyDoom email virus. Here’s a couple resources:

> The U-M “Virus Busters” Information Page
> ITCS: “MyDoom Virus Moves Fast, but ITCS Virus Filters Stop its Spread to U-M”

“Unlike other mass-mailing worms, Mydoom does not attempt to trick victims by promising nude pictures of celebrities or mimicking personal notes. Instead, one of its messages reads: “The message contains Unicode characters and has been sent as a binary attachment.”

“Because that sounds like a technical thing, people may be more apt to think it’s legitimate and click on it,” said Steve Trilling, senior director of research at the computer security company Symantec. … “

> From NYTimes: “E-Mail Worm Clogging Network Traffic”

Author: Rob