Finally, a letter writer with some common sense on the editorial page of the Michigan Daily:

” … Bush, however, has done nothing to earn the respect these students say he is entitled to. In fact, he has disrespected the American public, our way of life and the world around us. Even though he is the leader of a country that allows people to express opinions freely in this newspaper, our basic rights are fading fast under Bush’s “leadership.” … “

And columnist Ari Paul is dishing out an endorsement in his column “My President was Born to Run”:

“… Edwards is the only candidate adequately focusing on this growing gap between rich and poor America. He is also the only candidate with a realistic chance of success who has actually lived through the American nightmare of working-class isolation. .. “

Also, next week MSA will be voting on whether or not to put a $2 fee increase on the student government election ballot to fund renovations of Trotter House. I wonder if this will go the way of the $1 fee increase for the Ann Arbor Tenants Union students voted on two years ago – passed by the student body, but never passed on to the regents on the advice of VP E. Royster Harper and the administration.

Author: Rob