Articles of Note

Yesterday’s Ann Arbor News was (unusually) full of interesting tidbits:

> They reported on the statewide cool cities grants, which includes a project in Ypsilanti (but not Ann Arbor – the task force I am on wasn’t organized enough to apply, but sent a letter supporting Ypsilanti’s efforts): “State confirms: Ypsilanti is cool” (See the governor’s press release)
> They report on the closing of Madstone Theaters
> A U-M spin-off is issuing an IPO, and U-M scientists recently discovered a new type of dinosaur
> They run a story about the first year of the Ann Arbor Book Festival
> The director of the Ann Arbor Summer Festival says that while political groups can collect signatures and conduct other activities, it’s “not encouraged,” and they’ve rented the sidewalks around the Fletcher street structure to keep nonauthorized vendors from “taking advantage” of the crowds. Yes, in Ann Arbor, even having a festival is about keeping a tight reign on things!

Also, the Daily published this online update yesterday: “Memorial Day plane crash claims life of ‘U’ student and former prof.”

Author: Rob