” … A phone / e-mail survey of 3,000 Michigan citizens found one of every four young people in the state report using their cell phones as their main phone, opting to decrease or eliminate their use of land-line connections. Commissioned by Ann Arbor nonprofit Cyberstate.org and conducted by Lansing-based polling firm Public Sector Consultants in April, the fifth annual report detailed a surge in wireless phones and wireless Internet connectivity.

The study showed 25 percent of respondents under the age of 25 only use a cell phone, while 21 percent of 25- to 34-year-olds rely solely on their cells. As a group, African Americans were three times as likely as whites to report their cell phone as their primary number, the study stated. …”

> AANews: “Exclusive cell phone use on rise”

Also, the same article quotes a man from a Michigan ISP which is appatently planning to provide wireless internet access in downtown Ann Arbor:

” … It also confirms what Bill Lockwood, regional director for Internet service provider Quality Internet eXpress Inc., already believes. The Flint-based company intends to supply wireless Internet signals from downtown Ann Arbor to residential and business customers in the region, as well as to outlying areas such as Saline, Dexter and Chelsea.

“The equipment itself has been dropping in price to the provider, which means we can go out to customers relatively more efficiently,” Lockwood said. “The revenue curves look better, which means we can lower the prices and still make a profit.”

Lockwood said the firm intends to provide residential services for between $30 to $50 a month, and up to $200 a month for businesses, depending on the speed rate. He declined to say how many customers are served by the firm. …”

Author: Rob