Sophomore Elliott Mallen is a new columnist in the summer edition of the Michigan Daily who wrote a very good column titled “Keep an eye on Fleming.” Here’s the conclusion:

” … What most people donít realize is that many of these advisory committees simply would not exist or function if it werenít for significant student action. The Advisory Committee on Labor Standards and Human Rights would not have been formed had Students Organizing for Labor and Economic Equality not occupied former president Bollingerís office. Nonetheless, this committee is plagued with bureaucratic inertia and it still needs significant lobbying from SOLE in order to do what is required of it. While beneficial, advisory committees alone canít provide the oversight necessary to ensure that the administration acts in favor of students.

In short, I am encouraging students to become involved in engaging the University. Donít accept its motivations as pure. Weíre always told to constantly question the motives behind government officials. It took Watergate to get the general public to see the importance of public scrutiny in government affairs. Iím encouraging students to become involved now so that greater oversight will prevent a Watergate-like scandal here. … “

While the column is good, there’s a few editorial issues at the Daily: they misspelled his name (His first name has two ‘T’s), misspelled his email address emmallen at, and falsely claimed he serves on the Advisory Committee on Labor Standards and Human Rights (he doesn’t, although he’s a member of SOLE).

Author: Rob