The filing deadline for Republic and Democratic candidates for the November elections was yesterday, although Independents for city elections have until July 15, and minor party candidates have until August 3rd. Half of the city council is running for re-election, all but one (1st ward Democrat Kim Groome will face Eric Sturgis in a democratic primary) are unapposed.

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And this from a companion article:

” … In three general elections, incumbent Democrat John Hieftje has never lost a precinct in the highly Democratic city.

Still, Lumm will try to unseat Hieftje this November. Lumm, 50, is one of two nonincumbents who filed nominating petitions for this year’s Ann Arbor city election by Tuesday’s deadline for major party candidates. Independent candidates have until July 15 to file; minor party candidates have until Aug. 3. Eric Sturgis, a Democrat, filed to run in the 1st Ward.

“I realize it is an uphill battle,” Lumm said. “I believe strongly voters should have a choice. There should be an open public discussion. The city is facing many challenges.”

On the City Council, Democrats Kim Groome (1st Ward), Joan Lowenstein (2nd Ward), Jean Carlberg (3rd Ward), Margie Teall (4th Ward) and Chris Easthope (5th Ward) will run for re-election. Half of the 10-member council is up for re-election each year.

With so many unopposed same-party candidates, Lumm said someone has to bring up issues for debate.” …

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