Looking for money for your new business? There’s a new group of “Angel investor” in Ann Arbor who might be able to help:

“… Angel investors are wealthy people who like to invest in start-up companies. They may offer both their money and business expertise.

Ann Arbor, largely due to the influence of the University of Michigan, has one of the most vibrant entrepreneurial communities in the state and many small businesses in need of money. The lion’s share of entries in the regular Great Lakes Entrepreneurs Quest competition, for example, come from the Ann Arbor area. … “

> From BDW’s “Angel investment group takes flight”

In a related story, the University’s Tech Transfer office seems to be doing a brisk business these days.

And although he’s not without his critics, this Detroit News story about a U-M spinoff seems to validate Richard Florida’s theory that economic development will happen where talented people already are, leaving many cities behind:

” … U-M has a small equity stake in the company, which employs 35 in Ann Arbor. The company also has 25 employees in an office in Boston that serves as its official headquarters, handling marketing, sales and security. Arbor Networks also has sales offices in Washington, D.C., Silicon Valley, Dallas, Hong Kong and London. … “

Author: Rob