A few stories from today’s Ann Arbor News Police Beat:

” Hit-and-run driver sought by police

A bicyclist was injured early today by a hit-and-run driver in downtown Ann Arbor, city police said.

The 27-year-old bicyclist said he was riding west on the right side of East Liberty Street at about 12:30 a.m. when a small car heading in the same direction pulled alongside his bike, reports said. He said the driver slowed nearly to a stop, then turned right into an alley as he was crossing the side of the vehicle, reports said.

The car hit a bike tire, throwing the cyclist onto the roadway, reports said. The bicyclist said he got up to approach the driver, but he backed out of the alley and took off, reports said.

The bicyclist possibly broke a collar bone and was treated at the University of Michigan Medical Center, reports said.

The driver’s car was described as a mid-90s Chevrolet, possibly a Cavalier, in poor condition with chrome rims and a large white decal sticker on the top of the windshield. Anyone with information is asked to call the Ann Arbor tip line at (734) 996-3199.

Construction worker dives to avoid SUV

A construction worker ran from an SUV that was driving toward him on Ann Arbor’s west side early Wednesday and dove over a fence and into a cemetery to avoid being struck, city police said.

The near-miss of the worker occurred during a four-vehicle crash on Jackson Road that sent a motorcyclist to the hospital with a broken leg, hand and concussion, police said.

The crash took place shortly before 8 a.m. when a driver failed to notice traffic was stopped and merging into one lane in a construction zone on Jackson Road, reports said. He hit the brakes and swerved to the right, coming within eight feet of the construction worker, reports said.

Another driver near that man’s SUV rear-ended a white van waiting at the traffic light, reports said. The 52-year-old motorcyclist tried to avoid being hit by swerving into the westbound lane, where he was struck by a blue van, reports said.

The crash remains under investigation. “

Author: Rob