Pro-Nuclear Cicadas?

It seems the cicadas are hoping for a nuclear holocaust so they can finally inherit the earth. Well, once every 17 years in any case:

“In a stunning scientific breakthrough, a team of entomologists from the world- renowned Magicicada Institute at the University of Michigan has deciphered the language of the periodical North American cicada. …

The linguistic team, headed by Dr. Barbara Wien of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, released part of the transcript of two cicadas recorded earlier this month from a wooded area on the edge of Rock Creek Park, near the intersection of Military Road and Beach Drive in Northwest Washington. Incredibly, the two insects were involved in a discussion concerning plans by the Bush administration to prepare the Nevada nuclear test site for more nuclear detonations. “Neither cicada seemed alarmed by the President’s desire to breathe life into the nuclear testing program,” said Dr. Phillip Crandall, editor of the American Political Science Review. Dr. Crandall explained that the insects only referred to events pertaining to nuclear weapons development that occurred in successive Republican administrations; Eisenhower in 1953, Nixon in 1970, Reagan in 1987 and Bush today. “They’re firmly indoctrinated in a conservative tradition,” said the editor of the American Political Science Review. “They apparently embrace the Bush administration’s pro-nuclear policies,” said Crandall. …

Several other conversations between Chatter and Sissy seem to indicate they are cheerleaders for nuclear proliferation. The Magicicada researchers released a lengthy transcript covering more than 6 hours of dialogue taped from the lowest leaf of a 4” tulip poplar, just out of the reach of the mowers that maintain the south side of Military Road. The cicadas discussed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty that went into effect in 1970 and agreed that the reckless policies of the Bush administration make it likely that the DC area will be visited by a nuclear firestorm sometime during their next 17-year hiatus. The cicadas are hoping humanity is destroyed and the natural world is able to recover. … “

> DCIMC: “Insects await nuclear holocaust”

Author: Rob