The Davis Affair, Con’t

“Debate is raging at the University of Michigan because the distinguished automobile journalist David E. Davis, Jr. has been selected as the commencement speaker,” writes blogger W. Frederick Zimmerman in a recent post. He continues:

“I worked for Davis for about a year almost fifteen years ago, and as a matter of fact, he is pompous. But he is actually a wonderful choice for a commencement speaker at a prestigious liberal arts university. He is that rara avis in 21st-C America, a man who has made a great living for forty years by being profoundly cultured. He is also a fabulous raconteur and a very experienced public speaker. He’ll do a great job.”

I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether “profoundly cultured” and “car critic” are not oxymoronic terms. I still think Jess Piskor’s column sums this one up.

Author: Rob