What about VULCAN?

The secret senior honor society in the College of Engineering is called VULCAN, and celebrated their 100th anniversary this weekend. I have obtained a “booklet prepared in conjunction with the Vulcans 100th Anniversary Celebration, held on April 3, 2004 at the Michigan Union ballroom.” Here is their statement of purpose:

“VULCAN is a society consisting of juniors, seniors, and graduate students who have shown leadership and service to the College of Engineering and the University of Michigan. The purpose of the society is five-fold:

1. To promote comradeship among its members based on their mutual interests.
2. To develop cooperation between student organizations by promoting this friendship among their leaders.
3. To bestow private recognition upon those who are deserving by electing them to membership.
4. To provide service to the College of Engineering in situations where VULCANS has unique capabilities.
5. To maintain the decades of tradition on which our organization was founded.”

Included in the booklet is a listing of members. Unlike Michigamua, the organization seems to have kept less complete membership records. Here’s the caveat they print before the list, the “most extensive effort of this sort ever attempted.”: “Every attempt has been made to make this list as accurate as possible. However, it is almost certain that mistakes have been made . … Any questions or corrections may be reported to v-alumni at umich.edu, or to Vulcan Alumni Association secretary, Tom Hemr.

Without further ado, ladies and gentleman I present to you VULCAN.

Winter 2004 “Vulcanus”
Bahareh Aslani – Hestia
Nia Harrison – Athena
Sean Holleran – Morpheus
Alan McGaughey – Anteros
Evita Nedelkoska – Aphrodite
Marvin Riley – Heracles
Kristi Schmidt – Iris
Jennifer Szymusiak – Hebe
Elliot Wells-Reid – Salinas
Heather White – Psyche
Hon: Frenchie Burroughs – Astarte

Fall 2003 “Troy”
Ronald Dreslinski – Apollo
Hannah Goldberg – Eos
Darby Grande – Psyche
Lauren Greiner – Hebe
Jason Hemak – Ares
Marco Krcatovich – Dionysus
Joseph Lamber – Hermes
Chitra Laxmanan – Cybele
Stephen Rumple – Heracles
Neil Shah – Aeolus
Cordelle Thomasma – Asklepios
Hon: Melissa Eljamal – Amphitrite

Winter 2003 “Thebes”
Brad Belsky – Aeolus
Matthew Cavanaugh – Dionysus
Eli Cooke – Pan
Kristie Devovich – Demerter
Marissa Ebersole – Cybele
Angela Lueking – Tethys
Vernon Newhouse – Hypnos
Meredith Palen – Astraea
Mashid Pirzadeh – Psyche
Steve Skripnik – Eros
Geoff Zmyslowski – Harpocrates

Fall 202 “Samos”
Kiran D’Souza – Harpocrates
Victor T. D’Souza – Poseidon
Jason Hand – Dionysus
Peter E. Haupt – Heracles
Eric Jankowski – Heliod
Michael Lepech – Asklepios
David Ostreicher – Pan
Eric M. Roeder – Aeolus
Jeremy Schneider – Apollo
Brandon Wright – Ares
Hon: Brian Gilchrist – Hermes

Winter 2002 “Rhodes”
Mark e. Christian – hypnos
Patrick J. Goleski – Heracles
Kim Lytle – Eos
Tracy L. Matson – Hestia
Brian J. Mount – Dionysus
Christopher K. Paulson – Aeolus
Janet M. Pien – Astraea
Avi Shertok – Helios
Melissa S. Wu – Artemis

Fall 2001 “Parnassus”
Kristin M. Derwich – Demeter
Mariesta L. Edje – Hestia
Jill M. Gorski – Hebe
Mike R. Lopex – Hermes
Elana M. Martin – Amphitrite
Ken R. Maschke – Dionysus
Brian D. Netter – Aeolus
Tershia Pinder – Athena
Kristina Schmitt – Cybele
Ted W. Way – Harpocrates
Hon: Kevin Collins Asklepios

Winter 2001 “Omphalos”
Michelle N. Butler – Hestia
Aimee E.Constantine – Hebe
Daniel B. Cook – Hypnos
Alessandra B. Ennett – Athena
Michael R. Farina – Salinas
Angela R. Fletcher – Aphrodite
Darren N. Goetz – Harpocrates (Selected, didn’t accept membership)
Arthur P. Hutchinson – Ares
Michael Muse – Anteros
Matthew E. Rudnick – Aeolus
Neha D. Shah – Artemis
Bruno P. Vanzieleghem – Heracles
William E. Wahl – Dionysus
Hon: Susan Ederer – Psyche

Other past classes will be forthcoming, and are avaliable from me upon request.

Explanation of names: “Shortly after the Winter 1995 initiation … The suggestion was made to select a Greek place name and assign it to each class.” Also, this year’s class and every 20 years hence will be called “Vulcanus,” a made-up name.

Author: Rob