Michigamua Images Posted

“The struggles of Native Americans are not new. Since European contact, we have fought to retain our dignity in the face of oppression and assimilation. Sadly, we continue to struggle at the University of Michigan. In 1972, courageous members of our community informed Michigamua and the University of Michigan about how their actions and inactions demean our personal dignity and undermine our culture through the perversion of our religious practices. Our concerns were reiterated in 1978 and again in 1986. In 1989, an agreement was signed between Michigamua, the University, and a Native American complainant, in which Michigamua promised “to eliminate all references to Native American culture and pseudo-culture and extensions and parodies thereof.” Realizing that the agreement had not been upheld, Native American concerns were reiterated in 1997. Our struggle continues today. … “

> From “A Statement from the Native American Community Saturday, February 19, 2000”

I’ve just posted a page of images related to Michigamua, which show that organization at the time of the 2000 occupation was in egregious violation of the terms of the 1989 agreement since the “Wigwam” was stuffed with objects and materials refering to Native American culture.

> Michigamua Images

Author: Rob