Students for Social Equality, a socialist student discussion organization, has called a demonstration on the U-M diag tomorrow to protest the ongoing occupation of Iraq:

“Stop the war against the Iraqi people! US troops out of Iraq!

Rally on the Diag
Monday, April 12

The Students for Social Equality calls upon all members of the University of Michigan community — students, faculty and campus workers — to assemble on the Diag on Monday at noon to demonstrate their opposition to the atrocities now being carried out by the United States government and its armed forces against the people of Fallujah, Baghdad and cities throughout the country.

We, as thinking and feeling human beings, have a responsibility to take a stand against this war, and by so doing demonstrate to the world that the criminal acts now being perpetrated by the United States government against Iraq are
widely opposed by American working people and student youth.

We demand an end to the oppression and killing of Iraqi people and the immediate withdrawal of all American and other occupation forces. It is the right of the Iraqi people to work out their own destiny. Those who planned, organized and launched this illegal war, on the basis of lies, should be held responsible and accountable for their crimes, which have cost the lives of nearly 650 American soldiers and countless Iraqis.

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Author: Rob