I’ve been reminded to post about two services provided by the Michigan student assembly, that are particularly relevant when registering for classes. First is Advice Online, which gives you access to data about how fellow students have ranked classes and professors. The other is the Dogears.net website, where you can buy and sell textbooks, rate professors, and find sublets. I’ve been told that currently DogEars has 1947 registered users, 1485 books for sale, and 164 reviews of professors, which sounds as if it’s certainly worth checking out.

“Tired of getting boring Professors? Check out Advice Online and DogEars.net to ensure a good schedule for the fall!


Remember those surveys you fill out at the end of every semester, MSA compiles all the info and has given your professors and lecturers grades on Advice Online.

DogEars.net started at University of Michigan two years ago and has been updated and supported by MSA. DogEars is a great way to find reviews about your professors, to buy and sell textbooks, and to look for sublets.”

Author: Rob