The Michigan Debates on Urbanism debate today on “Post Urbanism” has been postponed until April 20. See Upcoming, or the official website for more info. Here’s an email sent by the dean of the college of Architecture and Urban Planning:

“Date: Thu, 08 Apr 2004 12:02:11 -0400
From: kelbaugh at
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the third and final michigan debate on urbanism has been moved from next monday evening april 12 to tuesday april 20 at 5:30 in the A&A auditorium.

peter eisenman will present work of his office, which is being billed as representative of “post urbanism” and steven peterson and barbara littenberg will counter with work representative of “re-urbanism.” it follows on the first two debates, which were on “everyday” and “new” urbanism respectively.

in this ongoing battle of urbanisms with pre-fixes (as opposed to prix fixe), they will each show several projects, including their entries in the ground zero competition in lower manhattan. (they were 2 of the seven invited teams, with libeskind studio the ultimate winner.) prof. roy strickland, a fellow new yorker, will moderate.

as always, the prixe fix of admission is zero, free. so, come early for a seat.”

Author: Rob