It has been rumored that current Michigan Student Assembly president Jason Mironov was tapped by Michigamua to be a member of their “Pride of 2005.” Well, it was true he was tapped, however Mr. Mironov has decided he did not want to be a member of that organization. He told me that he ” … chose not be part of the organization after I had done my own homework and because of the controversy surrounding it.” Mironov also told me he intends to use his position to encourage dialogue about Michigamua on campus.

In addition to Mr. Mironov, MSA Vice President Jenny Nathan turned down a tap to be a member of Phoenix’s 2005 class. Here’s a paragraph she sent me about that decision:

Jenny Nathan, MSA Vice President 2004-2004, College Dems Chair 2003-2004
Tapped by Phoenix, March of 2004

I turned down the Phoenix Tap because joining a secret society would violate and betray every value that I have worked and fought for on campus over the last 3 years. Honesty, transparency, equality, a level playing field–the elitism and secrecy of the Tower societies contradict every one of these values. In College Dems and on MSA I have worked to represent ALL STUDENTS. As a white, Jewish woman, I have worked to build bridges and establish relationships with people from all different backgrounds–relationships that are built on TRUST, as well as a mutual desire to see positive changes here on campus and on a larger scale. If I were to join a secret society, I would be betraying the trust that I work every day to earn. The history of the Tower societies–Michigamua, Phoenix, and Vulcan has caused so much pain and division amongst people I know and care about. Even if the societies claim to have changed their ways, the damage is done. I turned down Phoenix on the spot, and the women who tapped me said that they had anticipated that I would refuse, and that alone I took as an honor. “

More people who have turned town taps are forthcoming …

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Author: Rob