The Ann Arbor News covers the daffodils in the Arb, which have begun to bloom:

“Artist Susan Skarsgard dreamed up the idea, bought 20,000 daffodil bulbs and arranged for 150 volunteers to plant them.

But she said doesn’t feel she completely owns the golden yellow line now in bloom for about a half mile across the main valley of the University of Michigan’s Nichols Arboretum.

“I feel like I’m the steward,” said Skarsgard, a resident of Ann Arbor’s Old West Side. “It’s a community project.” … “

> AANews: “Follow the yellow bulb road”

Have nothing to do tomorrow night? Have a drink at Leopold’s and raise money for a good cause:

“Group raising money for Detroit school

A group of graduate students at the University of Michigan is holding a fund-raiser at Leopold Brothers in Ann Arbor on Tuesday night to benefit the science curriculum at Detroit Community High School.

Anybody can stop by and participate in the fund-raiser. For every mixed drink ordered between 6 and 9 p.m., Leopold Brothers will donate $1 to the fund-raiser. Likewise, for every martini, the pub will donate $2. The brew pub is located at 529 S. Main St.

The Biomedical Graduate Student Council hopes to combine the money raised by the fund-raiser with donations from companies and other sources to give more than $3,000 to the public school. It has held a fund-raiser for the past four years.” (In Brief)

Also, two donors have given $8 million to the Kelsey Museum to pay for the addition to a new wing: U Record: “$8M gift to fund new wing at Kelsey Museum”

Finally, a collaboration between the South University Area Association and the Arts at Michigan program will allow community members to decorate some of the many fire hydrants downtown. I think it’s a great idea, but I’m not sure rule number seven is necissary: “7. No violence, No nudity, No words, No political messages will be accepted in the design.”:

You’re invited to paint the town!!
We have 100+ fire hydrants in the
downtown area that can become beacons of art for our community.

Bring art to the people and teach the community about an artist at the same time. This project sets the tone for creativity to blaze at the street level. Sponsored by the South University Area Association and Arts at Michigan at the University of Michigan.

1. Each participating artist should choose an artist to study from any given time period.
2. The artist should create a design that reflects the chosen artist’s style for the fire hydrant.
3. Fire hydrant templates can be obtained by contacting Nancy Lautenbach, 936-5805 or nancyll at
4. Each artist will be provided 2 templates so the three dimensional designs can be planned properly. You will need to create a design for front and back.
5. All artists are expected to paint on or mount an illustration to all sides of the fire hydrant template to replicate what they intend to paint on the actual fire hydrant.
6. Please be sure to write your name, artist’s name, and the title on the lower section of the fire hydrant template.
7. No violence, No nudity, No words, No political messages will be accepted in the design.
8. Submission deadline: April 30.
9. Notification Date: May 3.
10. Painting of fire hydrants will take place May 4 – 14. Paint will be provided.

The committee will review all proposals for aesthetic quality, creative concept, and compliance with project guidelines.

Only the paint provided by the committee may be used on the actual fire hydrants. Other types of mediums that hinder the ability for fire fighters to open the caps may not be used. Artists may not paint a design other than what was submitted and approved. The committee reserves the right to reject and/or paint over any design that disregards these guidelines or uses inappropriate subject matter.

Creative titles are encouraged. A ceremony to recognize the artists is planned for May 15, City Clean-up Day. This is a great opportunity to expose your work to the entire community! For more information and template/application contact: Nancy Lautenbach, 936-5805 or nancyll at”

Author: Rob