LSA senior Jackie Bray will be speaking at Shaman Drum about a book she contributed to titled “How to Get Stupid White Men Out of Office”:

**********How To Get Stupid White Men Out of Office*************

This Monday at 7pm I will be giving a short talk and reading on the new book “HOW TO GET STUPID WHITE MEN OUT OF OFFICE” at Shaman Drum.

For those of you who don’t know, I co-authored this book with about a dozen other kick ass organizers, activists and artists. It is 20 case studies of times when young people have inserted themselves into the political process and WON!

Monday, April 26th
Shaman Drum Bookshop
Me, Jackie Bray
co-author, “How to Get Stupid White Men Out of Office”

The book is an easily digestable, fun and energizing guide to everything you need to know to help dump Bush come November and make the organizing mean something more than just one election.

This is about SUSTAINABLE progressive electoral organizing!!!

Monday, April 26th
Shaman Drum

Hope I see lots of you there. “

And here is perhaps the most “controversial” excerpt from the book – this from a segment written by my friend Monique Luse:

“With the Supreme Court in our future, I had no time to ponder the evils of elected government. So, when I got called into secretive meetings between folks from the University Democrats and the Blue Party who wanted to start a new party, I went. These folks knew how to get power, but they had nothing greater than themselves to use it for.

I was the only personal of color in the room, the only person who had ever lived in a working class neighborhood. I had to figure out a way to get my community into this room and rooms like it. So I swallowed my disgust and shared my visions:

* Student government has the power to make students lives better …
* Student government should not be made up of career politicians … You have to choose someone who is involved in her community
* Everyone deserves representation

Pretty simple, right? It was like an alarm clock drawing a teenage boy out of his wet dream. These career politicians woke up and put their masturbatory politics on hold. The Students First Party (S1) was born. … “

Jackie ends the chapter she co-wrote like this:

“Such up your pride; ship your baggage and hope the airline loses it. You have to be real with people and talk to them. Find folks that you need to work with and figure out how you can. We will only win if we win it together.”

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