A friend of mine who attends Carleton College has helped create an interest house themed after the late U.S. Senator Paul Wellstone. In an email to friends:

“… I want to update you on a project I’ve been working on a lot this year. A group of 14 interested people and I proposed a new interest house to Carleton’s Residential Life board and it has been approved! The house will begin next year and is called The Wellstone House of Organization and Activism or WHOA. For those of you familiar with Carleton, it will be located in what was CANOE house (Which is moving to a larger space). We will be bringing in speakers, holding and to traveling to events that pertain to social justice, globalization, and conflict resolution. The house will not really have a Wellstone theme, so much as looking to him as an inspiration of how academians can aspire to integrate their work with the good of the community. … “

Author: Rob