The Halliburton Corporation will be holding a “pre-interview” session on Wednesday night on North Campus to give a presentation about career opportunities in one of the most successful war profiteers making up the modern military-industrial complex. Thrill to stories about how costs of fuel and military base operations (you thought the military would run their own bases? Not in This Postmodern World) can be easily inflated, and how the military might of the largest armed forces in world history can be leveraged for your personal enrichment. Oh, and free food to boot.

1017 Dow Building, North campus, U-M


PI sessions are open to EVERYONE!

We only call them Pre-Interview sessions because they are generally held the night before a company is interviewing on campus. But you don’t have to have an interview scheduled to attend, anyone can come.

Mark your calendars!

Any questions contact Nupur Srivastava, PI publicity officer at snupur at”

Author: Rob